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My Favorite Bathroom-Cleaning Tool Is Something You Probably Already Have in Your Kitchen

published Mar 24, 2021
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If new gear helps you get excited to clean, that’s great — but the best cleaning tool is the one you already have. And frankly, I haven’t found anything better at getting into my bathroom’s dirtiest crevices than a simple wooden toothpick.

When it’s time to deep clean my bathroom, I always grab a toothpick or two as I assemble my kit. There are always small details — like where the sink meets the countertop, or the back side of the faucet handle — that get full of gross gunk. And truly no detail brush can handle the job better than a thin, pointy stick. So simple, yet so satisfying.

Last week when we spring cleaned the kitchen, we spent a day focused not on one area, but more broadly on the technique of soaking and scrubbing. And when it comes to the bathroom, “toothpicking” is the post powerful deep cleaning technique I know.

It’s not hard, so let’s jump in…

Credit: Amelia Lawrence

Day 10: Toothpick-clean the details in your bathroom.

Grab a rag, and a couple of toothpicks from the kitchen. If you don’t have toothpicks, look for a cocktail pick, chopstick, skewer, or anything thin and pointy. Then head into your bathroom and scan for small details you can clean. Here are a few ideas:

  • Around the base of your sink faucet
  • Inside and around the sink handle; turn it around to different positions, and switch it on and off to get every angle (This is a good moment to fill your plants’ watering can)
  • Where your shower fixtures meet the tile wall
  • Grooves and details around the sink and tub drain
  • The corner where your mirror meets the mirror frame
  • Where the sink meets the counter
  • Around the faucet and shower head where water comes out

The technique itself is simple: Just use your toothpick to dig and scrape at those tiny details. As your toothpick collects gunk, you can wipe it off on your rag periodically. And if you encounter any stubborn grime, just get your toothpick wet, or spray a little all-purpose cleaner in the area.

Taryn's Tips

A simple toothpick will allow you to deep-clean details around your entire bathroom. Grab one, set a timer for 10 minutes and see how many spots you can find to dig clean.

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