Spring Cleaning

Details Matter: How to Get Your Bathroom Looking Perfect

updated May 3, 2019
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In literature, in outfits and in life, it’s the details that truly matter. A bathroom that’s been decluttered, scrubbed and sanitized can still look a little bit off if you’re not minding your lines. For a sparkling clean bathroom—top to bottom and wall to wall—you’ll want to make sure your grout is really clean, too.

The good news? It’s easy to do (if just a bit meticulous), and you probably already have everything you need to get your grimy, stained grout in the best shape of its life. Oh and the other good news? Step one is to take a hot shower. You can’t be mad about checking that off your to-do list.

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Clean Your Bathroom Grout

I know this is a not-exactly-enjoyable chore for many, and unfortunately, I don’t have any shortcuts. Because the grout in your bathroom is porous and seemingly a magnet for stains and mildew, cleaning it requires some flexibility and a good old bit of elbow grease. I suggest listening to a favorite podcast while scrubbing away to make your 20 minutes zip by a little quicker.

The first step is to spray your tile down with hot water. Or, and this is my preferred method, just tackle this task right after a hot shower. Make sure you’ve gathered up the necessary supplies beforehand—all you need is vinegar, a spray bottle, baking soda, a small dish, and a grout brush or out-of-use toothbrush.

There are detailed instructions (with photos) right here on how to clean grout, but here’s the gist: You’re going to make a vinegar spray and a baking soda paste, and alternate between them to work grime out of your grout with your scrub brush.

If you have especially gross grout, you might want to work some hydrogen peroxide into the mix. Find detailed instructions right here: How To Get Gross Grout Really Clean

We’re heading into the last few days of our spring cleaning plan. How’s your place feeling?