Spring Cleanout: 5 Things to Get Rid of Right Now

updated Feb 24, 2019
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In last week’s video roundup we wrote about spring cleaning, but we may have put the cart before the horse a bit: after all, it’s hard to clean effectively when your house is full of clutter. So this week we’re focusing on something we’re calling a ‘spring cleanout’ — getting rid of some of the unnecessary stuff that’s been burdening you so you (and your home) can feel light and free in the coming season. Here are five things — or categories of things, to be fair — that you should get rid of right away.

1. All the stuff that’s cluttering up your medicine cabinet.
Chances are there are at least a few things in your medicine cabinet that have been there for way too long. In this short video, Maxwell explains what to keep, and what to toss.

2. These three bulky items that are hogging space in your closets.
In this video, professional organizer Fay Wolf identifies three things that take up a ton of space in your closets — and that take almost no time to purge.

3. Anything that doesn’t work for your life right now.
Are you hanging on to things things that belonged to a past version of yourself, like college textbooks, or maybe supplies for a hobby that you no longer have? Now is the time to get rid of those things, and give yourself more space, both physically and mentally, to enjoy who you are right now.

Thanks for watching, and happy weekend!

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