If You Only Make One Decorating Swap in Your Home for the Spring, This Is What You Should Do

updated Apr 15, 2021
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Credit: Sandra Rojo

The advent of spring brings with it all sorts of good changes for our homes. The windows are open more, the days are longer, and the view from the windows is lusher. I always have good intentions of mixing up my home’s decor to echo this seasonal change, too. From switching to airy bed sheets (linen FTW) to swapping out my nubby textured pillows for something a bit lighter and brighter, there are so many ways you can subtly but meaningfully transition your home into the warmer season. 

The only problem? Budget. There’s no mistaking that all these seasonal swaps (I mean, an entirely new set of pillow covers?) can get pricey, especially when you’re talking about doing them throughout your whole house or apartment. Here’s my hack: If you only pick one thing to switch up come spring, make it your artwork. It will have the biggest impact on your space and — thanks to a slew of stylish downloadable options — it could not be easier or more budget-friendly. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with the world of downloadable art, allow me to introduce you. More and more, artists and companies alike are looking for ways to make having artwork in a home more affordable and more customizable. Enter: digital downloads. Not only can you get some gorgeous pieces for a total steal (most come in at under $20), but you can also print them at your desired size and choose a frame that fits your decor and budget.

Don’t get me wrong; companies like Framebridge and Minted are amazing, but when it comes to making easy seasonal swaps, digital downloads can’t be beat. Plus, you probably already have a frame handy. So all you’ll need to do is print your chosen design at the right size (which can be done at home if you have a good printer or through spots like Costo, Target, Walmart, and more) and slip it right into your existing frame. If you want to make it look more expensive, you can certainly get your DIY on a little bit, too. A mini spring makeover in under an hour? Sign me up! Here are some pieces that have caught my eye recently.

Botanical 5

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. (IYKYK). There’s nothing unexpected about a botanical print, but I love how this one puts a twist on the theme with color blocking. The result’s a unique piece that is half-sketch, half-modern graphic, and totally fresh. 

Buy: Botanical 5 digital download, $7.00 from The Printable Concept

Credit: Etsy

Antique Landscape Print

One of the great perks of digital downloads is the ability to score antique replicas on the cheap that will add an undeniable patina to your space. This landscape piece is scanned in Ultra HD, so your printed version will have all the texture and brushstrokes of the real deal. 

Buy: Antique Landscape Print, $12.41 from Etsy


Interior designer and influencer Jenny Komenda created this original piece for her company Juniper Print Shop, which offers digital downloads, printed pieces, and files to display on your Samsung FrameTV (genius!). I love the piece’s charming combination of line drawing and painted florals. It would look great displayed in a bedroom or hung as a cheerful welcome in a mudroom. 

Buy: Gather Digital Download, $20.00 from Juniper Print Shop

Credit: Etsy

Spring Green Aqua Blue Abstract Art

If your taste leans more modern than traditional, then you’ll love this next pick that’s also from Etsy, which is clearly a treasure trove for digital art. The original piece is acrylic and features beautiful shades of sage, green, teal, and blue — the perfect complement to the verdant landscape (or urban jungle) outside your window this spring. 

Buy: Spring Green Aqua Blue Abstract Art, $7.49 $6.74 from Etsy

Credit: Etsy

Motivational Art Print

This next piece is sunny, bright, and cheery, which is pretty much all the things our homes should be this spring, right? The typography graphic, which reads “Do what makes your soul shine,” has a decidedly mid-century modern, 1970s feel to it, easily upping the cool factor of any space.

Buy: Motivational Art Print, $6.75 from Etsy

Credit: Etsy


If you dream of turning your home into a funky, boho, neon oasis this spring, look no further than this epic cheetah piece from Celeste’s Studio. To be honest, the creator behind this Etsy shop had so many gorgeous and unique pieces, it was hard to choose one. I also loved Cactus and Moon.

Buy: Cheetah Downloadable Art Print, $28.69 $20.08 from Etsy


Prefer photography to paintings? Then maybe this funky, colorful photo will catch your eye. Curated (and in some instances photographed) by a pair of besties, the gals behind BFF Print Shop are an interior designer and photographer respectively. So you know anything you choose from their shop will be the perfect stylish exclamation point in your room. 

Buy: Hi! digital download, $15.00 from BFF Print Shop