The Type of Spring Travel Plans to Make, According to Your Zodiac Sign

published Mar 21, 2023
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The vernal equinox is almost here, which means spring (and Aries season!) is right around the corner. As the mercury starts to rise, traveling feels more and more enticing. After all, higher temps widen the possibilities for springtime getaways, from camping expeditions to road trips with the windows down.

If you’re considering planning a trip this spring, why not let the stars guide you in the process? Astrology offers insight into virtually every aspect of your life and personality, including how you like to travel. And with Jupiter — the planet most closely associated with travel — moving through the trailblazing Fire sign of Aries until May 16, the world truly feels like an open road.

Below, read up on the ideal type of trip for your zodiac sign based on this spring’s astrology. If you’re familiar with your full birth chart, even better! Consult the blurb for your Rising sign first, then your Sun sign. (Pro tip: When reading horoscopes, always prioritize your Rising sign, which determines what areas of your life will be impacted by the current astrological transits.)

Aries: Play tourist in your own city

Your ruling planet, action-oriented Mars, has spent an unusually long amount of time in the short-distance travel sector of your chart. You’ve spent the past seven months going, going, going, so the thought of traveling right now probably sounds exhausting. This spring, why not take some time off to play tourist in your own city? With bountiful Jupiter moving through your sign, you’re ready to be re-enchanted by the sights and culture all around you.

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Taurus: Attend a spiritual or wellness retreat

Are you feeling more introverted than usual? Thank Jupiter, which is highlighting the part of your chart associated with introspection and solo expeditions. This spring is a fantastic time to attend a spiritual or wellness retreat. Somewhere in nature would be ideal for an Earth sign like Taurus — and if you can make the trek alone, even better. The astrology of 2022 was particularly tough on Taureans, so you’ll appreciate the opportunity to focus on your personal development.

Gemini: Visit a long-distance friend

Wanderlust-y Jupiter is trekking through your friendship house until May, which bodes well for you and your long-distance besties. If you’ve been thinking about planning a trip to visit a friend in another city, now is the time. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, so socializing is your forte, but you’ll feel even more extroverted than usual once Mercury meets up with Jove in Aries toward the end of March. (Word to the wise: Try to get your travel in before April 21, when Mercury stations retrograde for the first time in 2023.)

Cancer: Travel with a business or romantic partner

Saturn, the planet that rules your one-on-one relationships, just entered the foreign travel sector of your chart for the first time in *checks notes* 29 years. One thing’s for certain: If you hit the road this spring, it’ll be with a partner in tow. Your travel companion could be a significant other, business partner, or creative collaborator. Regardless, lucky Jupiter lighting up your career house suggests this getaway will influence your professional life in a positive way.

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Leo: Embark on an international trip

With Jupiter — the planet of expansion, abundance, and yes, travel — transiting the part of your chart that governs foreign travel until May, all signs point to an escapade abroad. Jove is in Mars-ruled Aries, which means the planet is currently answering to chatty Mars in Gemini. You may feel inspired to flex your foreign language skills or to invite a trusted friend-slash-translator along for the ride. Just be sure to jetset somewhere sunny to appease your inner lion.

Virgo: Plan a romantic getaway

When Venus, the planet of love and pleasure, graces your house of foreign travel in mid-March, a romantic getaway could certainly be in the cards. Since Venus will be in Taurus, a sensual Earth sign, you may opt for a stay at a hotel with a spa or fine-dining options. (Word to the wise: If you and your boo are unable to splurge at the moment, set the intention to start a vacation fund now for when lucky Jupiter transits your foreign travel sector in May.)

Libra: Enjoy a chill staycation

Over the past six months, Mars’s extended stay in the foreign travel sector of your chart might have wreaked havoc on any vacation plans. The Red Planet also rules your house of committed partnerships, so it’s equally possible that your S.O. has been traveling nonstop. With your planetary ruler, Venus, entering a much quieter part of your chart in mid-March, it’s finally time for some R&R. This transit can make you more reflective than usual, so a chill staycation (with or without your partner) is your best bet this spring. Consider spending a weekend holed up at a nice hotel in your city.

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Scorpio: Travel with family members

Scorpios have spent the past few years dealing with challenging transits from Saturn, Uranus, and the South Node, so a vacation has probably been the last thing on your mind. But I’ve got good news: Your ruling planet, Mars, will enter your foreign travel sector at the end of the March, reigniting your sense of wanderlust. This part of your chart is the domain of family-oriented Cancer, so you might embark on a trip with family members, travel out to town to visit relatives, or even visit your ancestral homeland. Regardless, expect to feel the urge to hit the road.

Sagittarius: See a concert or show in another city

As the biggest stan of the zodiac, you have no qualms dropping everything for the artists and celebrities you love. Adventure-loving Jupiter is currently occupying the part of your chart that governs art, creativity, and pleasure. This transit could see you travel out of town for a concert or live show, particularly after the Sun joins Jupiter in Aries toward the end of March. As a fellow Fire sign, you’ll feel energized by this loud, passionate astrology.

Capricorn: Plan a rural escape

As an Earth sign, you tend to feel at ease near nature. Why not plan an escape to the countryside this spring? Your ruling planet, Saturn, just entered your short-distance travel sector. In other words, you’re probably feeling the pull to take a trip anyway. Capricorns are one of the most ambitious signs of the zodiac, so you often struggle to take time off for yourself. Trust me, you’ll feel your best when you balance work with pleasure.

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Aquarius: Take a road trip with friends

Jupiter, the planet that rules the friendship sector of your chart, is blessing your house of short-distance travel until May. Astrologically speaking, this spring is the perfect moment for a road trip with your besties. Wrangle a group of your nearest and dearest, and formulate a plan to hit up some cities or attractions within driving distance. Since Jove is in active, fun-loving Aries, be sure to schedule some engaging activities along the way.

Pisces: Go camping

With Venus and Jupiter, the luckiest planets of them all, each gracing your short-distance sector this spring, you’re destined to hit the road in some capacity. This part of your chart is the domain of Taurus, a nature-loving Earth sign, so a camping trip feels written in the stars. Plus, harsh Saturn just entered your sign for the first time in nearly 30 years. A brief escape into the woods (and away from reality) might be just the medicine you need right now.