The Peaceful Plant Ritual I Look Forward to Each Spring

published Apr 25, 2023
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During the lockdown of 2020, I was fortunate enough to find pleasure in new routines and hobbies. I dabbled in creating my own cocktail recipes, played hours and hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and doubled my plant collection. Many of these rituals stuck with me through the years, and one in particular has become an annual event I look forward to each spring: I make a whole event out of repotting my plants.

Mid- to late-spring is the optimal time to repot your plants, once they’ve left their mostly dormant winter period and can start thriving and rewarding you with lush foliage and new leaves. Although repotting does not necessarily have to happen on a strict timeline (some plants can last more than 18 months without being repotted), it’s helpful to set aside a day in the spring to give your plants the extra care they deserve. 

On a morning in late April of 2020, I decided to take a break from playing on my Nintendo Switch and dedicate the day to repotting my plants. I wanted to take my time, but I also wanted to create a fun experience so I put on one of my favorite albums that I figured my plants could enjoy as well (“Mother Earth’s Plantasia” by Mort Garson). And because I love a good theme, I took it a step further and made my own bright-green matcha lemonade (ceremonial-grade matcha tea over ice mixed with lemon juice and a dash of homemade mint syrup) to sip on while I worked. With all this — in addition to my trusty repotting mat, bags of soil, and gardening gloves — I was ready to repot. 

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Every element of my newly established green-themed ritual mimicked the feeling of being outside that I was so yearning for during those months dedicated to staying inside. There were moments where I would take off my gloves just to feel the sensation of the soil in between my fingers and under my fingernails, something I appreciated so much more as a child who wasn’t bothered by getting dirty outside. I was also extra careful and gentle while wiping the leaves, caressing them to the melody of “Rhapsody in Green,” so I could transport myself to a garden instead of the floor of my living room.

This is now my fourth year continuing this ritual. So much has changed since 2020, but I still use the same items, drink the same matcha lemonade, and play that legendary album. Sticking with this practice not only keeps me accountable and my plants healthy, but it’s also a reminder of the time spent inside when I first started this repotting ritual that made it feel so special. When the weather warms up and the unmistakable freshness of spring begins to settle in, I’m reminded of the privilege I have to start my own season of renewal each year.