The Brand Behind the Pretty Toilet Plunger I Love Just Released Another Surprisingly Stylish Cleaning Tool

published Jun 2, 2022
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I’ll be honest: Cleaning supplies aren’t typically the most aesthetically-pleasing or exciting items in my home. Sure, a robot vacuum is cool and the convenience of cleaning concentrates keeps the organization of my small space in order, but not every gizmo and gadget can be kept contained in a cabinet. As a result, when it comes to cleaning tools that are left out for anyone to see, I’ll admit I’m a little mindful about what they look like. Of course, I want them to work well, but it doesn’t hurt if they blend seamlessly into the decor, too. Fortunately, there are brands who follow a similar train of thought from hand sanitizer dispensers to, yes, bathroom cleaning supplies. Staff, the brand that created the stylish toilet plunger I love, is all about fashion and function. Even more exciting: They just launched The Toilet Brush, another quality cleaning tool with a whole lot of personality.

Like The Plunger, Staff’s toilet brush is a better-looking alternative to the everyday standard. The brush comes fully assembled and docked in its canister, which keeps it looking sleek and tidy when not in use. The Toilet Brush is nice and compact, making it great for small spaces because it doesn’t take up a ton of room on the floor with a bulky base. The diameter is under 5”, and from top to bottom, the brush and container measures 18.1”. What sets the brush apart, however, is its bold appearance. It has a bright green acrylic handle with the brand’s signature smiley, and a bronze ring to give it some extra pizzazz. This makes it a perfect companion for The Plunger (even more so if you’ve got the plunger in green!), especially if you want to keep a consistent aesthetic among items left out for guests to see in your bathroom. The Toilet Brush is only available with the green handle for now, but its vibrance is complementary to the rest of Staff’s home essentials collection.

Cleaning-wise, The Toilet Brush does what it’s supposed to do best: It cleans the toilet, and does a great job at it! I had no trouble scrubbing down my toilet with it, and it was great being able to sanitize the brush and put it back into its container rather than leaving it laying around to dry afterwards. The silicone head of the toilet brush is also replaceable, which means you can prolong the lifespan of the tool without having to buy a completely new one to keep the look. I’m still a huge fan of Staff’s ability to prioritize quality and style when it comes to the most mundane home necessities. I hope to see more colors for The Toilet Brush down the road, but overall, I’m just excited to see what other “boring” items Staff will transform next!