This Staub Cast Iron Braiser Might Be the Only Piece of Cookware You Need

published Dec 18, 2023
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Credit: Brooke Fitts

As a freelance recipe tester and developer, I cook what sometimes feels like 24/7. And as much as cooking is my passion, it sometimes takes a lot to get me excited about cooking dinner at the end of a long day in the kitchen — let alone get excited about a cooking vessel. Yet here I am, about to wax lyrical about this Staub braiser

I’m a big fan of braising and slow cooking (or any one-pot cooking method), especially on the weekends for weekly meal prep. I’m also a fan of cooking economically — turning cheap, tough cuts of meat into something delicious. But am I a fan of using additional pots, which causes more cleanup? Not so much! 

Before trying the Staub braiser, when making stews like beef Bourguignon, I always seared my meat in a cast iron skillet before transferring it to a Dutch oven to slow cook. IMO you get a better crust on the cast iron surface — and in a shallower skillet — than in a deep pot. So one of the things I love about this braiser is I can now do it all in one vessel. And even better? It’s also dishwasher-safe so I don’t have to do as much washing by hand, either.

This 12-inch cast iron braiser has a large surface area, so you can fit more in the pan when searing, which means fewer batches. It holds 3.5-quarts (a good size for 2 to 4 servings) and has a tight-fitting glass-domed lid — great for fitting large cuts of meat under the dome. The lid also gets another gold star from me, as you can see what’s bubbling underneath the surface, and it’s much lighter than a cast iron lid — making it easier to maneuver around. It’s also worth noting the braiser and glass lid are also oven-safe up to the temperature of 500°F, so it’s super versatile for making all kinds of things.

Credit: Tara Holland

I’ve only owned the braiser for a week, and I’ve already used it to make three dishes: braised beef, coconut milk braised chicken thighs, and a beef ragù — and the sear on all three was spectacular! 

Credit: Tara Holland

This braiser is a must-have or excellent holiday gift for enthusiastic cooks who love to braise or cook one-pot meals — but especially for those who have limited kitchen storage, like my fellow New Yorkers, as it’s a much more manageable size to store. Or it’s perfect for those on a budget, as this one vessel would cover multiple cooking needs — including (without using the lid) roasting a chicken, shallow frying, making curries, simmering soups, or creating ragùs. To that end, Staub cookware is known for being high-quality and is definitely an investment for some household budgets. However, the glass lid on this braiser significantly lowers the price point, making it much more affordable to own a high-end product (currently selling at $179.99), which is a steal for a piece of Staub cookware. What are you waiting for? Get your order in now. 

Buy: Staub Cast-Iron Braiser Sauté Pan with Glass Lid, $179.99 (normally $309.99)