Storing a Stand Mixer, 4 Ways

updated Oct 13, 2022
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Sometimes I wonder if I was adopted. All the ladies in my family are hardcore bakers and make goodies that could put Chef Duff to shame. That’s why I’ve decided to fine tune my baking skills and start (trying to) make gorgeous cupcakes for this year’s summer birthdays. I know I need a stand mixer—but with limited space to store the big, heavy kitchen appliance, I hit the Web for inspiration.

Stashing a heavy stand mixer away in a floor-level kitchen cabinet is uncreative—and hard on your back. We were looking for advice on how to better store a stand mixer, but these inspirational images can help you find solutions for any small appliance:

  • If you’ve got the counter space, why not leave your mixer out? It will make it a breeze to use, since you won’t have to pull it out of closed cabinetry. And if you bought your mixer in a color to match your kitchen, why not leave it on display?
  • If you’d rather hide it away, try installing a counter-level closed cabinet. Some kitchens come with a bread-box style ‘appliance garage,” but you can also retro fit a cabinet behind a faux backsplash.
  • To save your back, try storing your stand mixer and other often-used appliances at chest-level on open shelving. You won’t have to bend down to reach it or juggle the heavy mixer as you open and close cabinet doors. If you like the industrial look, leave this shelf out in the open. If not, tuck it away into a closet or pantry.
  • Install an appliance lift! This is our favorite idea because it allows you to hide your mixer, while still making it easily accessible to use. Rev-A-Shelf sells a heavy-duty mixer lift ($154) that you can install yourself, like flickr user Loren Owensby did.

(Images: Mixer on Shelf, flickr user Justin and Elise licensed under Creative Commons; Mixer in Counter-Top Cabinet,; Appliances on Open Shelves, flickr user thebristolkid licensed under Creative Commons; Mixer Lift, flickr user Loren Owensby licensed under Creative Commons.)


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