Making it Work: Four “Rooms” Within a 250-Square-Foot Studio

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Name: Anna
Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Anna’s studio in Baltimore is a warm and cozy, multi-functional space. She’s created designated areas giving the room a nice flow and the space is blessed with plenty of natural light, making the studio look roomier than it is.

From Anna: I live in a 450 square foot studio apartment in the historic Mt. Vernon Neighborhood in Baltimore, Maryland. I was looking for a small apartment for my cat, Clementine, and I to live in while I am in grad school in Baltimore. This is my first apartment without roommates, and I wanted it to be a place that I could find comfort in while I am taking a break from studying.

My mom and I had a lot of fun figuring out how to fit the pieces in the main room to create partitions. Amazingly, a bedroom, office, living room, and dining room all fit in the 16×16 space. Most of the furniture has either been donated or it has been passed down in my family, reminding me everyday of some of my favorite people. I’ve been learning to keep only what makes me smile and purge of the rest, making each corner special while reducing the clutter.

My goal in designing a living space is to make sure it stays true to who lives in the space. I like a space that you can’t find anywhere else-all people are unique so things that reflect ourselves, such our homes, should be an extension of that uniqueness. My favorite little corner is the coffee corner, with mugs I’ve collected or received as gifts, from all over the world. A cozy drink in a cool mug on a comfy couch with my cat is the perfect way to start and end any and every day.

Thanks, Anna!

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