8 Stylish Bathtub Trays That Are Actually Affordable

updated Feb 5, 2021
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The bathtub is my happy place. It’s where I go when the day is a tad too overwhelming, and it’s a spot for no-holds-barred pampering. I light candles, pour a glass of wine, and pull out the paperback I’m currently reading, which more often than not ends up soggy around the edges. It’s worth it though! As I’m doing everything from face-masking to watching Netflix, all of my toiletries and things are precariously balanced on my tub’s edge. That’s a problem, but not an insurmountable one, with all of the bathtub trays on the market now. The only issue? Unfortunately, a majority of these long storage caddies come with astronomical price tags that just don’t make sense for a simple slab of wood or slotted plastic.

To that end, I’ve gathered some aesthetically pleasing but actually affordable bathtub tray options for the bathroom. No one should have to pay $100 just to keep their snacks from tipping over onto the floor, though to be fair, anything that prevents a phone or tablet from being submerged in water is probably worth some kind of investment. 

Credit: Etsy

Bare bones caddy

If you’re only concerned with having a secure spot for your bubbles and your bestseller, then this slab-style bathtub tray is all you really need. There’s a notch for hanging your wine glass or coupe, and a small perch for holding a tablet, magazine, or book in place.

Buy: Bathtub Tray with Wine Holder and Book Holder, Starting at $39.00 from Etsy

Slat style

Keep all your little luxuries handy with the help of this bamboo tray. Slatted bamboo holds up well against water, and this piece certainly adds an organic touch to your bathroom. This particular tray doesn’t have any special designated slots for your tablet or phone, but it can hold anything from a scrub or a candle to a matcha latte.

Buy: Bamboo Bath Tray Caddy, $29.00 from Urban Outfitters

Credit: Amazon

Acrylic tray

For those who gravitate towards stylish clear accents, this acrylic bathtub tray feels extra glam, thanks to its thick width and stainless steel handles. Load yours up with a diffuser, a cup of tea, and that face mask you’ve been meaning to try.

Buy: ZXMOTO Clear Bathtub Caddy Tray, $49.79 from Amazon

Credit: West Elm

Clean and simple

For the minimalist-minded decorator that loves the look of an all-white bathroom, this expandable, clean-lined caddy will be right up your alley. It has designated spots for your tablet and razor as well as room for a scented candle, favorite scrub, and a cocktail.

Buy: Yamazaki Expandable Bathtub Caddy, $25.00 from West Elm

Credit: Etsy

Marble look

Make your bubble bath even more luxurious with the help of this faux marble bathtub tray. It comes in a bunch of different lengths so you can get the perfect fit, and no matter the size, it’ll be way lighter to move than real stone.

Buy: Wooden Grey Marble Effect Bath Rack Caddy, $49.96 from Etsy

Credit: Amazon

White and bright

If you’re trying to move away from buying plastic but like white accessories, check out this white bamboo tray. It has nifty compartments to keep your essentials in place and is big enough to hold a small bowl of snacks, your tablet, and a candle.

Buy: Bamboo Extendable Organizer Tray, $42.99 from Amazon

Credit: Etsy

All of the lights

If candles are an essential part of your bathing experience, then you will love this simple tray with built-in votive holders in its corners. It also has a compartment to keep your phone out of harm’s way and a cup holder.

Buy: Wooden Bath Board, $29.99 from Etsy

Credit: Etsy

Nautical touch

If your bathroom has a nautical theme or you just like organic accents like wood and rope together, then this wooden bath board is for you. You can choose between a white board, a wooden one, or a black option, but all three come with a thick, burly rope knotted at the end of one side, which makes it easy to hang it on a wall when not in use.

Buy: Wooden Bath Caddy, Starting at $36.40 from Etsy