24 DIY Wine Racks That Can Fit Bottle Storage Anywhere You Have Space

updated Nov 30, 2023
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Black A-frame wine rack on wood countertop

Even if you don’t have the space or budget to create a ritzy wine cellar, there are plenty of stylish, cost-effective options for storing your collection. While you can certainly purchase a standard wine rack, there are lots of DIY options that allow you to customize your storage to create something that truly fits your home. Below, find 24 brilliant ideas for DIY wine storage that can suit a wide range of styles, price points, and spaces. And hey, don’t feel too bad about abandoning your old store-bought rack — you just may find that your old wine rack finds a totally new use around the house.

1. Above-Cabinet Cubbies

If your kitchen cabinets don’t quite reach the ceiling, don’t let that open space go to waste. Instead, take a cue from Loan Oak Design Co. and outfit that area with a few angled shelves to create decorative cubby-like storage for wine bottles. You can paint it to match your cabinets or choose a contrasting color as shown above.

2. Minimalist Wall-Mount Shelves

This sleek shelving holds bottles both horizontally and vertically for a striking display. To keep the project simple, the whole thing is made using just one plywood project panel. Get the full how-to from Pine and Poplar.

3. Angled Built-In Shelving

At this built-in bar area, an irregular ceiling slope made a perfect opportunity to create built-in shelving that matched its angle. The slim size means that there’s room beside it for shelves that hold glasses and other necessities. Find the instructions at Pine and Poplar.

4. A-Frame Countertop Rack

A countertop wine rack is a perfect fit for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to having something hanging on their walls (or anyone with an ultra strict landlord). Its versatility also makes it great for gifting. Get the tutorial at Little Red Industries.

5. Freestanding Wine Cabinet

If you have a little floor space to devote to wine storage, a freestanding wine rack is a great option for efficiently storing a lot of bottles. The angled legs, sleek shape, and light wood finish of this one evoke quintessential Scandi style. Find the instructions at Little Red Industries.

6. Shallow Built-in Wine Cabinet

It might not seem like it at first glance, but a shallow alcove can still become functional storage. Here, pocket doors conceal shelving that’s the perfect size for storing wine bottles on their sides. The result is a practical wine rack that still preserves plenty of floor space. See how it was made at Champagne Chaos.

7. Integrated Island Storage

The kitchen is the heart of the home, so why not store your favorite bottles there for all your hosting needs? The owners of this Edwardian farmhouse in the U.K. smartly created space on the sides of their oversized islands to fit their favorites. 

8. Plant Hangers Repurposed

Kristen McDougall of @arcane_creative thought outside the box for her wine storage. She  used plant hangers to hang her bottles, and the result doubles as striking boho-style decor.

9. Built-In Statement Piece

This DIY wine rack, made by Aanchal Srivastava of @the_happy_edit and her husband for their movie room, is nothing short of stunning. While it’s not a project for beginners, it truly makes a statement.

“Each piece was cut in different angles to create intricate caskets for bottles of wine,” Aanchal wrote in an Instagram post. “The royal blue adds a statement to our neutral basement, and the green brought in a sense of natural light the space is missing.”

10. A New Life for Clay Pipes

Salvaged building materials can make for unique and decor and even storage pieces. Just look at this DIY wine rack, which is made from repurposed clay pipes.

11. A Customizable Bar Cart

A portable wine cart is the perfect storage solution not just for wine bottles, but for glasses, corkscrews, and anything else you’d need to pour yourself a drink. This DIY one from Pine and Poplar is made of wood, so it’s easy to paint or stain to match your own decor. Find the tutorial at Pine and Poplar.

Credit: Shanty2Chic

12. Vertical Labeled Storage

If you’re short on space, try going vertical with your storage. Here, blogger Whitney Gainer of Shanty2Chic made a beautiful wine rack complete with numbered labels to show off five of her favorite blends. Get the how-to at Shanty2Chic.

13. Shelving for Bottles and Glasses

If you’re looking for a one-stop setup that can hold all your favorite bottles and glasses, you’ll want to scope out blogger Bre Bertolini’s setup, which is made of pine and plywood stained in a dark walnut shade. It allows wine aficionados to easily view the bottles they have on hand while providing plenty of storage for glasses of all shapes and sizes. Read instructions at Brepurposed Design.

Credit: Sam Ramoindi

14. A Minimalist Leather Sling

Blogger Sam Raimondi crafted this gorgeous wine sling using aluminum rods and leather. Here, it’s shown with one bottle, but she says each sling could hold about three. Find the tutorial at DIY Huntress.

Credit: Bethany Sy

15. A Bottle-and-Glass Wall Display

Blogger Bethany Sy also used leather to create a stunning wine holder designed for wall mounting. In addition to sleeves for bottles, there’s room to store a couple of wine glasses underneath. Sy also added some personalization using a stencil — an especially smart addition if you’re looking to turn this rack into a gift. Find the how-to at Reality Daydream.

Credit: Jenni Yolo

16. Hooks to Hold Bottles In Place

This wine rack, made by blogger Jenni Yolo, is a stylish blend of rustic and modern with a weathered wood base and sleek copper hooks. This project looks super stylish, but requires minimal tools and skills for an accessible DIY. Find instructions at I Spy DIY.

Credit: Sarah Fogle

17. A Geometric Wall Display

You don’t have to stick with standard shelving for your wine bottles. This rack, made by blogger Sarah Fogle, has an intricate inset pattern that almost makes it a work of art. That said, it’s still functional — the piece holds six wine bottles and four wine glasses. Get the how-to at Ugly Duckling House.

18. Industrial-Style Tabletop Storage

If you’re a fan of all things industrial style, you’ll want to replicate the pipe wine rack that blogger Stephen Johnson made. The DIY aspect of this project is blessedly simple: You’ll just need a pipe wine holder (available here) plus a wood surface of your choice. Find the instructions at Four Oaks Crafts.

19. Pegboard-Inspired Wine Storage

A regular old pegboard was the inspiration for this clever wine storage DIY. Wood dowels fitted into a birch plywood board are both secure enough and long enough to neatly corral wine bottles. See the instructions at Flipping the Flip.

20. Under-Cabinet Bottle Shelf

If you want to squeeze more storage out of your kitchen, the space underneath the cabinets is prime real estate. This copper rack adds storage space basically out of thin air, and looks good doing it, too. Find the tutorial at Love Create Celebrate.

21. Repurposed Wood Dresser

Have an old dresser that is missing drawers or no longer serves a clear purpose? Make like blogger Jessica Wangelin and use it for wine storage instead. The open drawer space is perfect for stashing wine bottles, and the top surface is a handy spot to corral glasses and other necessities. Get the instructions at Pretty Handy Girl.

22. Angled Wall-Mount Wine Rack

Since this cool L-shaped wine storage piece is so small in size, it could be hung practically anywhere: on a small wall next to the fridge, in a dining nook, or even above a bar cart. Blogger Jamison Rantz says it came together in a snap. Find the how-to at Rogue Engineer.

23. Simple Wood Wine Rack

Shelves of various heights make this wine rack from blogger Paula Skulina practical for storing both wine bottles and wine glasses. Get the instructions at Sweet Pea with Paula Skulina.

Credit: Lynn Lilly

24. Countertop Rack

This wine rack can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, so it’s easy to squeeze in where you have space. Find the how-to at The Craft Box Girls.