14 Wayfair Dressers That’ll Add Stylish Storage to Your Space

published May 17, 2024
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Wooden dresser topped with matching table lamps in Brooklyn apartment.
Credit: Erin Derby

Finding the perfect dresser is twofold—you want something that will offer maximum storage, but you also want it to fit in with the rest of your home’s decor. Finding something that’s both stylish and functional is easier said than done, but luckily we’ve done some of the work for you!

The Best Dressers from Wayfair

We scoured Wayfair’s site to find the most stylish dressers that also offer the best storage. And when we say this was like finding diamonds in the rough, we aren’t kidding—the site boasts thousands of options! However, with style and storage in mind, we curated the best dressers that tick all your storage and style boxes. Discover them for yourself ahead!

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was $689.00

This modern dresser is sure to elevate your space with its clean design. Its six drawers can also hold up to 20 pounds each, and the top of the dresser can act as a large open storage surface, as well, holding up to 59 pounds.

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was $949.99

If you’re looking for maximum clothing storage, this seven-drawer dresser might be the one for you. With four large drawers and three smaller ones, you’re sure to fit a ton of clothes into this traditional-style dresser.

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was $168.00

This tall dresser fits a whopping nine drawers for all your storage needs. Also, its vertical design lends itself to narrower spaces if you’re looking to maximize both your space and storage.

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was $1299.00

This solid wood dresser boasts a mid-century modern design built to last. It also comes in five colors, ensuring that it should slot right into any space: acorn, white, black, walnut, and gray.

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was $204.99

This tall dresser provides ultimate space-saving storage. While open storage on top might be more limited than a traditional clothing chest, it does come with five large drawers than can hold up to 20 pounds each.

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This minimalist dresser is sure to add interest to your space with its textured set of drawers. And though this dresser only comes with four drawers, each one is very deep, reaching down almost 12 inches.

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If you have more space to spare for a chest of drawers, this rustic set boasts six drawers large enough to hold 30 pounds each. You’ll also get a unique piece of furniture when you order this item—no dresser has the same grain color, finish, or wood knots due to natural factors.

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was $377.29

This dresser’s “French-country” classic design definitely adds a bit of elegance to any space, all while maximizing your clothing storage with six large drawers. It’s also tall enough that you can store some items underneath the dresser as well.

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If you’re looking for optimum storage and a simple design, then look no further than this set of drawers. This five-drawer dresser comes in both natural wood finishes as well as black and white.

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was $429.99

This distressed, rattan dresser is perfect for cultivating a natural design look in your space. It also comes with six large drawers for all your clothing storage needs.

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was $1447.99

This dresser is the perfect statement piece with its funky, retro design. And its six large drawers can hold a whopping 46 pounds each.

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For more of a coastal vibe, look no further than this natural wood dresser. With six drawers that hold up to 35 pounds and an expansive top surface, it’s the perfect piece for all your storage needs.

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This grand chest of drawers adds a more traditional look to your space. It also comes with three small drawers and four large drawers for a variety of storage needs.

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was $1350.00

This mirrored dresser adds a glitzy aesthetic to any room while also opening up the space. It also comes with six large drawers for optimal storage.