Closet Conundrum: When Do You Switch Out Seasonal Clothes?

Closet Conundrum: When Do You Switch Out Seasonal Clothes?

Tess Wilson
Oct 7, 2014
(Image credit: Monica Wang)

Snowflakes fell Saturday morning, and though I might have shrieked in dismay, I have not yet packed away my sundresses. Surely there's more summer weather yet to come... right?!?

Octobers in Illinois are often warm and golden, so I'm holding out hope that I get at least a few more non-bundled-up days before the cold sets in. Oh, and there's this adorable black-and-white striped dress I bought for $3 from the thrift store and I've only gotten to wear it once— just one more time, please!

I realize I'm being ridiculous and I should just pack up all of my sandals, dresses, shorts, and bikinis. It would make my closet roomier and less hectic, and it would keep me from having a false sense of hope. Though I have some winter-only clothes that will take up space— flannel pajamas, corduroys, serious sweaters— most of my jeans and sweaters live in my closet year-round. Sundresses won't do on chilly nights.

That's probably part of my reluctance: unpacking summer clothes is so festive! They're thrillingly flimsy after the sturdy wools and thermals of winter, and they're made for fun in the sun. Unpacking my winter clothes is just drudgery, and a reminder of that I'll probably never have enough clothes to stay warm in -50F weather. It may be snowing outside, but it's still summer in my closet.

When do you finally admit that summer is over and the time for sweaters and long underwear has begun? Is there an awkward time of year when you basically need all of your clothes? Is your closet overflowing? And Bay Area readers, please refrain from reminding the rest of us of the glorious heat wave you're experiencing!

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