These Amazon Blackout Curtains Instantly Upgraded My Office and Keep My Home Cool at the Same Time

published May 31, 2022
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Credit: Lula Poggi

It’s funny how one small change can make a really big difference. Something I’ve always struggled with since living on my own (yes, even after all this time) is filling space. Just when I think I’ve got all the pieces of the puzzle figured out, there always seems to be something missing that I can’t quite put my finger on. Case in point, my home office. I had everything in there that I need for work and then some. Desk? Check. Bookshelves? Check. Filing cabinet and space-saving over-the-door rack? Yup. And still, something was off. It wasn’t until I started shopping around for my bedroom decor that I knew what was wrong. My office has a window that gets a lot of light, and that window was in desperate need of curtains. I was told about these bestselling Theater-Grade Blackout Curtains from Sun Zero on Amazon, and the reviews alone were enough to convince me to try them out.

Sun Zero’s Nordic Blackout Curtains come individually packaged in sturdy boxes that are nice enough to hold onto, if you have small items that need to be stored. I’ve actually kept mine to put away home fragrance plug-ins — but anyway, the curtains are nice and thick, which is ideal for keeping the light out. In fact, these are capable of blocking 100 percent of the light if used correctly. My pair of curtains are Blush Pink on the front and solid black on the back that helps to absorb the sunlight to achieve the desired darkness. When mine are closed, it makes my office look the same as it does when it’s night out! The curtains have grommet holes, making them incredibly quick and easy to hang. I compressed them all together and slipped them onto my curtain rod all in one go!

After being folded in the boxes they come in, the curtains will need to be steamed or ironed to get the creases out, but that’s super easy to take care of. Overall, they look really chic and stylish in my office, and make the room feel complete; something I couldn’t say before (even though I have a full set of furniture in the room). Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention that they’re conveniently machine-washable?

Credit: Britt Franklin

I can’t say enough how much I love these curtains! It’s no wonder they have more than 10,000 reviews on Amazon. First, they come in a variety of sizes to fit a wide range of windows dimensions: If you have a single-panel window, you can get away with having one curtain instead of a pair. One panel can be as cheap as $13.99! I tried the single-panel look, thinking I’d use the other curtain from the set in my bedroom, but it made my window look unbalanced (to me). So, while my window is narrow enough for one panel, I love the look of curtains hanging on both sides of it so much more. My set of 52″ x 84″ curtains are long and voluminous, adding that touch of drama that I adore.

Second, they come in some really great colors! I went with Blush Pink, but Sienna Orange was a close second. However, if you aren’t into bold colors, like the popular Flax Yellow, there are some tamer neutrals; such as Cocoa Brown, Stone, and obviously, Black. It’s really a one-stop shop for blackout curtains that I wish I had years ago when I was going from store to store looking for a set for my old bedroom.

Since incorporating these blackout curtains into my apartment decor, I’ve noticed other benefits aside from an office upgrade: The room stays cooler (thanks to the curtains’ thermal qualities), I don’t have to fuss with window lighting ahead of video calls, and best of all, my electricity bill isn’t as high as it usually is this time of year. The last one is a HUGE plus for me because that’s more money I can save for summer travel. My neighborhood is pretty quiet, so I haven’t been able to confirm this one for myself, but according to Sun Zero, these curtains can also help with noise reduction. I’ve raved about the curtains so much that my mom bought a few pairs of Sun Zero curtains for her own home. They’re a different style, but they still look great. Budget-friendly and fashionable? It’s safe to say that we’ll be sticking with this brand for the long haul!