The $5 Tiny Target Find Shoppers Are Running to Buy (It’s a Spring Must-Have)

published Mar 25, 2024
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Target retail store located in the Hamilton Crossings shopping center
Credit: Sean Wandzilak / Shutterstock

Spring has officially begun, daylight is lasting longer, and it’s only a matter of time before people start to switch their hot latte orders to iced coffees. And in preparation for the hot weather season, Target is now selling mini ice cube makers for just $5 in their Bullseye’s Playground section. 

This TikTok shows how it works: Pour water into the center of a cylindrical silicone container, insert the plastic stopper, put it in the freezer, and wait. When everything is frozen solid, pull off the cap and squish the sides of the container to release all the miniature ice cubes. 

The product is labeled as a “crushed ice maker,” which has some TikTok commenters scratching their heads. “Is the crushed ice in the room with us…?” says one comment. 

“Cool but cubed not crushed,” says another. 

Another commenter nails it, saying, “It’s a little nugget ice maker.”

While it’s true this tiny ice maker won’t crush up your ice, the cubes are so small that it can create a similar effect for your drink. And although some commenters were quick to point out that the tray doesn’t make enough ice for their liking (it seems to hold enough for a drink or two), its portability and compactness is also its strength. Tuck it into your tiny freezer without it taking up too much space! Toss it in your park basket right before you head out the door and enjoy happy hour al fresco! 

Or you can always get creative and fill it up with a mixer besides water to create a small batch of bespoke ice cubes. As one commenter ingeniously suggests: “Not me pouring a margarita mix into this.” 

Because the finds from Target’s Bullseye’s Playground aren’t sold online, if you can’t find this in your local store, you can shop this one from Amazon instead. At $9, it’s a similarly good price, and reviews say it’s “fun to use” and produces “perfect little ice cubes.” Cheers to iced beverage weather and cheap finds!