People Are Just Discovering This “Amazing” $13 Target Organizer (It’s a Game-Changer!)

published Jun 21, 2024
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If you open my kitchen island drawer, you will find a mishmash of spice jars, dish towels, some floating twist ties, a roll of aluminum foil, and a box or two (or three? Who knows?) of plastic baggies. I never meant to buy multiple boxes (I prefer reusable containers when it makes sense), but my lack of drawer organization means sometimes I buy accidental multiples. But, scrolling along TikTok the other day, I saw a Target find that instantly eliminates that problem: the Drawer Organizer Variety Pack of food storage bags.

The cardboard superpack comprises 125 snack bags, 100 sandwich bags, 40 quart freezer bags, 50 regular quart bags, and 40 gallon bags. So, pretty much a bag for whatever you need, from packing a little snack for lunch to stashing leftovers in the freezer. 

Though $13 seems like a pretty reasonable price to me, at first I was skeptical of potential markup. So I looked up the individual items on Target’s site and when I added them all up, found that buying comparable products separately actually came out to $14.55 — a bit more than the variety version.

My second worry was, “What happens when one compartment runs out??” But the TikTok comments quelled that anxiety, with people saying they refill them as needed, and not even necessarily with Target branded bags. “I love it. I refill it with the buy one get two free sale that Walgreens has all the time,” one comment says. 

The comments are filled with a mix of people who say they’ve been buying this clever product for years, and those who say they’re adding it to their cart ASAP. Plus, though it’s stuffed with single-use plastic, the cardboard container it comes in is relatively sustainable, as one comment points out: “I also like that it’s not 4 different boxes. They’re just one large box that is better for recycling because it’s not coated.”

I can envision this variety pack saving so much time, not only because it would save me from searching the back corners of my drawer for a snack baggie as it’s an instant organizer, but also because it would make meal prep so easy by keeping everything all in one place. For a family with children, I have to imagine the time-saving payoff would be tenfold. 

If you’ve tried the cardboard organizer and are looking for something a little sleeker, why not try a wooden drawer organizer, like this one from Aldi? Or, if you’ve converted over to reusable food storage bags, this wooden drying rack from Stasher looks nice on a countertop and can dry and store your bags at the same time. 

Beyond buying the Target variety pack for your own home, it can also make a handy gift. “It’s also great as part of a housewarming gift! This and a filled Battery Daddy. I get raves years later,” says one commenter. Now if only Target would make one for aluminum foil and parchment paper.