Hilton Carter’s Plant Collection at Target Is Basically Kill-Proof — and You Can Buy a Houseplant Starting at $5

published Apr 27, 2021
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Credit: Target

I own six houseplants and probably don’t need any new roomies, but then I got word that Hilton Carter — aka Apartment Therapy’s Plant Doctor — is releasing a collection with Target, which is about a five-minute walk from my apartment. Dangerous? Yes. Thrilled that it’s happening? Absolutely.

On May 14, Carter’s new line of 10 live plants, more than 20 faux versions, and 35 stylish accessories (planters, watering cans, display stands, to name a few) are hitting the shelves of Target. Carter designed the collection to strike a design-forward-meets-functional balance, which was executed well with neutral colors, natural materials, and a bit of architectural pizzazz. But perhaps most importantly, he wanted to make the offerings inclusive to all kinds of plant parents that are working with a variety of spaces.

Carter expressed to Apartment Therapy that he wanted to provide “the right type of plants for different types of individuals, whether they were those who had no real sense of how to care for a plant versus those who are well knowledge, or those who didn’t have light, or those who did have light. It was trying to find everything that would be across the board open to anyone to bring into their space.”

With a combination of low-maintenance live plants, accessories to help those plants live a healthy life, and fake options that literally can’t die, Carter is bringing to life the most kill-proof plant collection I’ve ever seen (that actually still includes living houseplants).

Credit: Target

For live plants, which range from $5 to $30, Carter included some of the most popular options that are also easy to care of, from snake and ZZ plants to pothos and succulents. But he didn’t veer away from the challenging yet desirable plant breeds: monsteras, bird of paradise, and fiddle leaf fig also made the collection. Oh, and a philodendron birkin that Carter is deeming the next designer plant. And as for the faux plants that range from $10 to $130, with over 20 options, you have your pickings of whatever houseplant you always dreamed of — minus any responsibility that usually comes with it.

Credit: Target

And don’t get me started on the design-forward accessories (actually, please do), priced between $8 and $100. My personal favorites out of the bunch, all of which happen to be gold: the metal watering can, glass terrarium, and marble plant stand (because you should always lift your houseplants up to be the best they can be — spoken like a true plant lady).

Over the last year, plant interest and ownership have been off the charts, and consumers have turned to houseplants to provide comfort and joy during times of uncertainty. “Searches for plants on Target.com have increased by more than 300 percent over the last year — a clear indicator that guests want to bring some of the outdoors inside to brighten up their space,” Jill Sando, executive vice president and chief merchandising officer at Target, said in a press release.

And so, with affordable options that are easy to take care of, Carter does just that.