Target Is Selling a Haunted House for Cats, and It’s Scarily Cute

published Sep 29, 2019
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Credit: Target

Good news! There’s a new cute cat accessory on the market, thematically appropriate for Halloween. The bad news is that it instantly sold out online. But if you’d like your cat to have a feline-sized haunted house this Halloween (and who wouldn’t?), they’re still available in stores and may possibly be available online again in the future, so you sign up for an email alert and cross your fingers.

The two-story haunted mansion is part of Target’s Halloween line, Hyde & EEK! Boutique. Constructed to cat preferences, it includes a built-in scratch pad as carpet inside the house, and it has a flat roof perfect for loafing atop. 

The house is made from cardboard and sold as an easy-to-assemble flat pack, so it’s really just an upgraded delivery box. But the details make it pretty appealing. Decorated with all the Halloween motifs — ghosts, bats, cobwebs, and a black cat (which raises important questions about scale) — it has a few small windows on one side that we can imagine will look adorable with a cat eye peering out of them.

Hyde & EEK! Boutique offers plenty more cute accessories for pets, including a wide variety of painfully adorable and creative costumes for cats and dogs. Your cat could be an anglerfish or a bat (or one of the stars of Catwings, for fans of the Ursula K. Le Guin series). 

Many of the best costumes aren’t even really costumes so much as fun things to put on your pet. There’s a banana hat and a pizza bagel for your cat to put its head through because why not? How about just a squirrel sheriff riding on your dog, or a sloth clinging to its back?

Credit: Target

At this point, forget candy — Halloween is really all about the cuteness potential of pets.