This Target Find Makes Cleaning Way More Fun, and It’s Only $5

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Rear view of woman at kitchen sink in front of window doing dishes
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When I think of cleaning, I picture a 1950s housewife wearing bright-yellow latex gloves and a polka-dot dress — a Betty Draper character of sorts. While I don’t identify with that particular archetype, it’s important to me to keep my home clean

Quick Overview

Why I Love These Reusable Gloves

  • Protect my hands, nails, and health
  • Gorgeous color
  • Affordable
  • Motivate me to clean more

Yet it had never occurred to me to use cleaning gloves. That is, until I was perusing the Target cleaning aisle one day and came across a row of heavy-duty latex gloves in a beautiful soft green color. I picked a pair up and purchased them immediately.

The outside of the gloves is made of a durable latex material that’s intended for long-term use and re-use, while the inside features cotton-flock lining so they slide on and off easily and don’t make your hands feel sweaty or sticky. 

Credit: Abigail J. Fallon

Why I Love These Reusable Gloves from Target

I love that they motivate me to clean more often, but I also appreciate that they protect my hands, nails, and health while I clean. Even if you don’t use harsh chemical cleaners, it can be bad for you to clean bare-handed because you’re more likely to get sick or suffer from dry or irritated skin.

This Target-brand option serves as a snazzy alternative to the standard yellow or black latex gloves you often see in stores. And in addition to being fun to wear, they’ve changed my attitude about cleaning because they allow me to shift into a focused mindset where I don’t stop what I’m doing until my task is complete. 

After all, you can’t really text or pet your dog when you’re donning a pair of latex cleaning gloves (believe me, I’ve tried).

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