The Mini $1 Target Gem Shoppers Are Buying 5 of at a Time (It’s Such a Time-Saver!)

published Mar 20, 2024
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Target storefront.
Credit: George Sheldon / Shutterstock

I never thought “adorable” would be a word I’d use to describe a trash can, but today that changes. When I saw this TikTok spotlighting Target’s tiny trash bins currently available in the dollar section, I knew two things: One, it was undeniably cute. And two, I wanted at least three of them. 

The plastic receptacle comes with a swing-style lid and looks to be about the size of a travel mug. The TikTok I saw shows it being used to collect Q-tips atop a makeup vanity, and one of the comments echoes that it would be ideal for conveniently tossing makeup-removing sheets, cotton rounds, and fake lashes, saying, “Oooh I need this for my lashing area😍.”

Another TikToker’s video about the mini garbage bins shows how they plan to keep them in their car’s cupholders to throw away any little pieces of trash that may otherwise clutter up the car. “I just got four of these so that I can put them on every door,” the creator says. “I plan on putting two in the back doors because my daughter puts her trash there anyway. So they’re so cute and they’re only a dollar,” she says of her gray trash cans, noting that they also come in white. 

When I make my way to Target this week and hopefully get my hands on a few of these, I plan to grab one for my nightstand because I wear disposable contacts and have a (gross?) habit of sometimes being too lazy to get out of bed and throw them out. (Yes, I’ve been ridiculed! That’s why I am extremely interested in this $1 solution.) Though I don’t have a car, I’d also love to give a couple of these to my friends who kindly drive me around. 

I can imagine these would be great for a desktop or a kitchen counter, too. It’s a little (literally) luxury that has the potential to make life at home just a little bit neater, easier, and lower-effort. 

Because these countertop trash cans are sold in Bullseye’s Playground, they’re not available online. If you don’t have time to go looking in the dollar section or don’t live near a Target, there are similar options available online, as long as you’re willing to pay a bit more. This trio of cute pastel trash cans costs $16, or just over $5 for each.

I’m going to take my chances in Target’s Bullseye section for the promise of a $1 steal, but if that doesn’t work out, I’m glad to have lots of other options — and hope for a much tidier home.

Buy: Mini Swing Lid Desktop Trash Can, 3 Pack, $15.99