Target’s Viral $45 Pink and Red Tumblers Have Shoppers Going Berserk

published Jan 4, 2024
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Credit: John Greim/Getty Images

If you’ve spent the last few months scrolling through TikTok, you are probably familiar with the Stanley tumbler. To some, it is just another ordinary eco-friendly bottle for beverages. But to others, it’s so much more than that. The popular reusable water bottle landed on holiday wish lists of tweens and 20-somethings and is known for its insulation and convenient straw and handle. 

As if last year’s hype around the tumblers wasn’t enough, Target and Stanley have released a special pink and red limited-edition collection of the cups for Valentine’s Day. Shortly after the cups were stocked at multiple Target stores on New Year’s Eve, shoppers stampeded toward shelves, proving that the demand for these exclusive cups is serious. It’s so serious that the items immediately sold out and are now reselling for more than $70 on eBay.

Some Target shoppers were restricted to only purchasing one or two of the Stanley items per person. Between a short supply and people that lined up outside Target prior to the store’s opening, customers were outraged at the retailer, causing fights to ensue.. 

In the comment section of a TikTok by @kaitlinsondae, people shared that some of their local Target stores didn’t even have the Stanley cups in stock. “My Target didn’t even have them, apparently they weren’t on their truck,” one person commented. For others, the cups were sold out shortly after the store opened. “I walked into my target at 8:04 there was only 2 pink left and 4 red,” another said. 

In case you didn’t snag the rare Stanley and Target collaboration, Amazon has several quality alternatives of the red and pink tumblers for less than $30, like the pink 40-ounce Owala tumbler or the red 10-ounce YETI wine tumbler.