Target’s “Must-Buy” $15 Carafe Solves Your Nighttime Thirst Issues in Style

published Feb 9, 2024
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Target store in Buffalo, New York, USA. Target Corporation is an American retailer.
Credit: JHVEPhoto / Shutterstock

How many times do you wake up in the middle of the night feeling extremely thirsty? You gulp down a glass of water and then the next time you wake up, you have to head to the kitchen or bathroom for a refill. It’s time to end this routine and always have a fresh glass of water on hand — and this $15 Target carafe and glass set is about to change your life (honestly!).

“Never had a carafe before but now it’s a must,” Genesis from the Target Farmhouse Instagram account wrote in a recent caption. “Saw it this morning and it is just what I needed. Perfect to keep water in close reach!”

The box also comes with a spot where you can write a gift message, too, making it a fun item to include in your Valentine’s Day gift plans.

Not only is it useful, but it looks great, too. “Ohh the aesthetic,” one person commented, adding sparkle emojis. Another commenter added, “This will look cute on [the] bedside or work desk.”

Just fill the carafe up to the top with water before you hit the hay, and you won’t have to get out of bed every time you wake up with a dry mouth. Just pour, drink, and get back to bed.

The glass also acts as a lid, so you can keep your bedside water fresh (and cat paw-free — those who know, know) all-night long.

“This is perfect for your bedside table!” one Target reviewer wrote. “ I love the size and the addition of the little cup. It’s priced right and would also make a wonderful hostess gift!”

Another reviewer said that this carafe is also ideal for their mouthwash. “I bought this on a whim as I was leaving Target for my Listerine,” they wrote. 

Nip those nighttime kitchen trips in the bud and grab this carafe while it’s available at Target. You’ll sleep better while still staying hydrated.