These Are the Top Home Trends of 2022, According to Taskrabbit

published Nov 24, 2022
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When it comes to interior design trends, social media has undoubtedly played a huge role over the last few years. After all, through spending more time indoors, social media consumption has risen so it’s unsurprising that our online activity started to influence our home decisions.

In its End of Year report, Taskrabbit revealed how TikTok, the video-sharing app that saw hundreds of millions of downloads throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, has been impacting our design choices in 2022.

Taskrabbit analyzed almost four million bookings to gain insights on trending tasks. To further determine the impact of social media, the team also conducted a survey and looked at various trending hashtags across TikTok.

Over half of those surveyed said they cared about having a home that looks good on social media. The top design trends among Taskrabbit users was “wellness interiors”, with a 200 percent rise in people requesting help with wellness-related home spaces, from meditation spaces to home gyms. Other popular requests include help designing statement ceilings, adding curves into homes, and home organization.

Perhaps influenced by TikTok content and releases celebrity organizers like Marie Kondo, Taskrabbit requests for organization help rose by 37 percent, while cleaning bookings spiked by 55 percent. Additionally, nearly half of survey respondents said that TikTok has inspired them to organize their fridge this year — thanks to the viral craze, mentions of the word “restock” have risen by 165 percent in Taskrabbit searches.

TikTok may have also influenced a year of reading, with BookTok inspiring 36 percent of survey respondents to install shelving to bring personality into their space. Taskrabbit also saw a 25 percent increase in mounting requests.

Finally, sustainability has continued to play a part in home decor, with eco-friendly homes garnering 3.1 billion views on TikTok. As a result, Taskrabbit’s smart home installations are already up 45 percent and wall paneling requests are up by 83 percent.