Temporary Blinds

updated May 10, 2019
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Its no fun to be rushed when you buy things for your home. Especially after you just move and don’t have the feel of your place yet. But you need to put something up on the windows. Thank goodness for temporary blinds….

Instead of resorting to the customary sheets over the windows, when we move we always put up temporary window blinds until we figure the room out. The shades we buy are called Redi Shades and are a piece of cake to install, you can get them from big bins at Home Depot, Linens n Things or Lowes and many places online. They couldn’t be any cheaper (around $5).

The blinds are literally around $5 (a little more for the style with the cord), so they’re a great solution for quick window coverings that fill the gap till you decide what’s right for you. And another nice thing about these temporary blinds is that they actually do last. Its embarrassing to admit that we’ve kept some up for a couple of years now and we’ve almost forgotten that its on our list to actually buy some real ones.