I Found a Luxuriously Soft Mattress That Can Actually Support all My Sleeping Positions (It’s on Sale!)

published Jan 30, 2023
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

When it comes to sleeping, I used to describe myself as someone who tosses and turns all night. I do toss and turn to a certain extent, but I’ve realized now that it’s more to blame on the fact that I’m a combination sleeper than actual discomfort. All it took was sleeping on better quality mattresses and pillows for me to better understand my sleeping habits. I’m a firm believer in splurging on a mattress (within reason). The mattress is the foundation of the bed, and if you don’t have a good one, it can lead to body aches that can negatively affect your day. In my opinion, it’s beneficial to stay ahead of it to save yourself a lot of pain points in the long run. After trying so many mattresses, I can usually tell fairly quickly if one will work for me or not. However, one that threw me for a loop was the TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress with hybrid tech included. And its surprising details proved to be what made it a really fantastic piece to add to the bedroom.

I learned a long time ago to recruit help when moving a mattress, but I honestly could have managed the TEMPUR-Cloud Hybrid Mattress alone. The 10” mattress is compactly rolled into a reusable bag that you don’t have to worry about unpacking until you’re in the room where the mattress will be placed. As far as unrolling mattresses goes, this one is on the easier side. Simply unroll it onto your bed frame (a flat surface is required), remove the packaging, and give it a few minutes to expand. The mattress is ready to use the same day, so I didn’t have to wait very long at all to try it out. The TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress has a standard version with four layers of coziness, including a foam base layer, a firm and pressure-relieving TEMPUR Support Layer, a soft and responsive TEMPUR Comfort layer and a 360-degree stretch cover that’s breathable and moisture-wicking. The hybrid mattress I tested has an added fifth layer of over 1,000 spring coils right above the base for additional support.

What I found to be the most surprising about the TEMPUR-Cloud Hybrid is that it’s far more supportive than it seems at first touch.  It’s cushiony soft when you sit on the mattress, which led me to believe that I’d sink deeply into it, but once you lay down, you really get to feel how firm it is. I’m used to thick, structured mattresses and this TEMPUR-Pedic one has a little more give and sits lower than others I’ve slept on. However, while it’s unassuming in size, it packs a punch in adaptability and comfort. Its innovation lies in its ability to conform to your sleeping shape, no matter which way you turn. So, if you’re like me and prone to change positions through the night, you won’t wake up due to a lack of comfort. Thanks to its middle TEMPUR Support layer, the mattress stays delightfully firm underneath you and changes those pressure points depending on your position. As a result, my sleep went undisturbed because I wasn’t fighting to find the cozy spot on the bed because the cozy spot naturally found me. When I woke up, I felt incredibly rested.

The price of the TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress with Hybrid Technology certainly makes it an investment, but if you’re in the market for a new mattress, it may be well worth it. TEMPUR-Pedic has a 90-night trial to give you time to decide if you like it, and they’ll come pick it up if you don’t. It took trying the mattress for myself for me to know for sure if I liked it, and I was skeptical up until the first night I slept on it! Additionally, if a whole new mattress isn’t in the cards, but you still want a noticeable change to your bedscape, a TEMPUR Topper can give you a taste of the brand’s luxurious feel at a fraction of the cost. I’m glad I gave this mattress a try because now I can say with full certainty that TEMPUR-Pedic lives up to the hype. Trust me when I say that they know how to make a great bed for optimal sleep.

Buy: TEMPUR-Cloud + Hybrid Mattress, $1,539.30 (normally $2,199)