10 Small-Space-Friendly Patio Essentials from Terrain That’ll Turn Your Outdoor Space Into a Resort-Worthy Oasis (We Got You an Exclusive Discount!)

published Jun 23, 2023
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outdoor space with fire pit chimney and two chairs
Credit: Terrain

Somehow, June is almost over, and summer is just continuing to zip by. Still, it’s never too late to upgrade your outdoor space. If you live in a small apartment and are lucky enough to have a patio, backyard, or terrace, that’s even more reason to celebrate your own little personal oasis and make it the best it can be. For that, we suggest heading over to Terrain, the brand behind some of the most stylish outdoor furniture and accessories on the market. Whether you’re in need of a new patio dining set, some bug-repelling incense sticks, or a sturdy storage spot for your favorite potted plants, they’ve got it. And the good news is that now through July 8, you can save 15 percent off both full-priced and already marked down items with our exclusive discount. Just use code TERRAINAPT15 at checkout to apply it. You definitely don’t want to let this deal go to waste, which is why we compiled some of our top Terrain picks to help you get started.

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was $58.00

This vibrant tray-top table screams pool party and endless summer fun. Use it to serve aperitifs and hors d'oeuvres, or simply set it down by the chaise lounge to keep them within easy reach as you relax. Available in four sorbet colors, the table is a steal, especially with our discount, so you might grab a few to create visual cohesion during your next get-together.

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Our readers love these bug repellent sticks, and so does the internet at large, because they seem to sell out every summer. We couldn't recommend them more for outdoor gatherings. Each one is made of geranium, Texas cedar, and clove, which collectively give off a natural, pleasant scent. Most importantly, the sticks actually work, and one purchase gets you an entire pack of 40! They're also super easy to bring along to the park or to a friend's house.

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was $288.00

Even if there's no room on your deck for a full-sized dining set, you can still enjoy coffee and meals in the open air with this quaint little bistro table. It's ideal for one or two people, not to mention eye-catching thanks to a beautiful mosaic tile top. The sturdy green frame adds a pop of color to the area, creating an overall joyful vibe.

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was $398.00

A fire pit is always a good idea if you're looking to make your backyard feel more social and intimate. This chiminea is easily one of the most striking options we've seen. It's made of a single piece of steel, which develops a rust-like finish over time, creating a laid-back, boho appearance. You can get the chiminea in either a coppery brown or black color, as well as a small size that weighs 35 pounds or a large size that weighs 50 pounds.

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was $248.00

You could use this handy side table for its intended purpose and store plants on it, but there really are no rules. It would make a great gardening supply station or even a simple shelf for holding beverages and personal items as you lounge outside. The plant stand's two surfaces are comprised of synthetic rattan, which comes in either ivory or turquoise.

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was $1098.00

Perhaps when you imagine your dream outdoor space, there's a whimsical swing chair somewhere amid the greenery. There's no reason not to turn this dream into a reality; simply pick up this stunning wicker basket chair, which comes with its own durable metal frame. Its cushioned seat and egg-shaped design will make you feel extra cozy as you lounge in the sun and take in the surrounding nature.

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We bet you've never seen a grill as cute as this one. Not only does this barbecue must-have come in three appealing colors — green, lavender, and pink — but its compact size also allows you to easily bring it to the park, beach, or to a friend's house. You'll also find the charcoal grill incredibly easy to use and clean, even for novices.

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was $498.00

You've got your table, and now you need somewhere to sit. Outfit your veranda with a set of these durable steel dining chairs, which come in white, yellow, or gray. They'll last a lifetime and look great in the process, plus you don't have to worry about cleaning any cushions. We also love their simple, Mediterranean-esque design.

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We love decor that serves a purpose aside from just looking pretty, and this citronella candle is a prime example. It's encased in a perfectly imperfect ceramic vessel that comes in white, gray, or green. What's more, the candle is made of recycled vegetable wax and has notes of lemon, eucalyptus, orange, and lemongrass — a refreshing citrus concoction with a hint of basil that's far less abrasive than the standard citronella scent. Snag one now for less, and enjoy bug-free dinners for the rest of the season.

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Because you likely use your outdoor space less often than your indoor living areas, it's fun to get experimental with how you furnish it. Forget a plain, neutral-colored coffee table, for instance, and opt instead for a statement piece like Terrain's Salento coffee table. This is definitely for the eclectic decorator, or for those looking to jazz things up. Pink synthetic wicker wraps around a tough metal frame, while a glass tabletop provides a level surface for food and drinks.