You Have to See Inside This, Like, Totally Untouched ’90s House

published Aug 31, 2017
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The dream of the ’90s actually isn’t in Portland, but in Michigan, where this untouched mansion has not been updated since it was built in 1996. It might be relatively unassuming from the outside, but inside it is basically a pink and turquoise fever dream.

Oh, 1996—the year that gave us Tamagotchis, Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show, the Spice Girls, Space Jam, and the dance song to end all dance songs, the Macarena.

And of course, this masterpiece of a house, which looks like the opening credits of Saved By the Bell got it on with a neon laser Trapper Keeper. If you ever wondered where all that fuchsia carpet your mom wouldn’t let you have in your tween bedroom went, here’s your answer.

If 12 year old me were allowed to design a whole house, this would probably be it. The aforementioned pink carpet covers almost the entire place (except for the kitchen where the floor is black and the walls are pink!), there’s quite a few five gallon buckets of teal paint in the mix, as well as plenty of glossy black furniture, purple paisley upholstery, and a hot pink pool table. Can you imagine descending that modern staircase to greet your boyfriends, JTT and Devon Sawa? I sure can.

Not to mention that pool! Indoor, with a mirrored ceiling, and plenty of pastel shapes and squiggles to adorn it. I’d have been the coolest middle schooler on the block—plus, indoor pools are clutch for November babies who don’t get all the fun pool birthday parties that the summer kids do.

As dated as it all looks together in the same house (that ancient PC and the Beanie Babies aren’t helping), there are some design elements that you can pull from this look that can work today. For example, pink really is the perfect rug color, and teal is a fresh choice, especially its darker shades in the kitchen.

The Michigan home is available for $799,000 (furniture, art, and Beanie Babies not included).

h/t BuzzFeed