The Best Removable Wallpaper For Your Dorm, Based On Your Personal Style

published Jul 8, 2019
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Dorm walls can be an eyesore. Boring beige and stark cinder blocks just won’t do for a student who wants a stylish space that feels like home. And painting the walls a shade that reflects your personality is hardly an option, since most residence halls rarely allow it—and when they do, you’ll have to paint it back before you leave. 

So how do you create a dorm space with a cool design aesthetic that’s on-trend and feels like you? We reached out to Connecticut-based designer and home stylist Diane Rath for insider tips on how to create a stylish and relaxing dorm space that’s ideal for hours of sleeping, studying, and Netflix binging with friends.

No matter what your style or design preference, Rath has the perfect solution for plain walls: removable wallpaper.

“Removable wallpaper comes in many prints and textures, and there’s something for every personality,” Rath says. “I love it for DIYers because it’s easy to install without needing a professional—and it’s great for commitment-phobes, and those who like to use their spaces to experiment with design.”

Here are Rath’s tips and picks for transforming a dull dorm room into a beautiful sanctuary using removable wallpaper. One note: Before purchasing, be sure to ask your school or your RA if the sticky stuff is allowed!

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1. For the Trendsetter

Rules for the trendsetter were made to be broken. This student knows how to combine different textures and finishes to create a cohesive look. Begin with this mid-century modern wallpaper that’s easy to remove and reposition with its peel-and-stick design. Its recurring geometric grid pattern makes a powerful statement. Add a cool wall sculpture, a tufted storage ottoman, and two-headed task lamp to stay true to your design aesthetic.

Image credit: Courtesy of Amazon

2. For the Athlete

Stripes always feel right in an athletic space, and this big and bold modern striped wallpaper scores high points. It’s so simple: just peel and stick so you don’t have to take time away from practice or a game. Paper your walls, a shelf, or your mini-fridge. To bring in other sporty elements, Rath says to “group together trophies, hang retro jerseys in complementary colors on a rod, and select bedding with ticking stripes.” 

Image credit: courtesy of Tempaper

3. For the Nature Lover

Bring the natural world indoors with a tropical themed wallpaper to match your earthy personality. This calming palm print is easy to apply to your wall or even your laptop. Coordinate bedding to match, and it will feel like it’s spring break all year long. “Collect fresh flowers or green leafy branches from around campus, place them in thrifty bottles or vases, and add other natural elements like feathers in frames or in a patina vase for a nature-inspired space,” Rath says.

Image credit: Courtesy of Target

4. For Those Into the Boho Vibe

This vibe is all about layers, patterns, and botanicals. Easy to install and remove, the blue and orange mandala print wallpaper creates a tranquil environment.“Pile your bed with lots of textured pillows, add a pouf or two, and layer patterned rugs everywhere,” Rath says. Then punctuate the room with treasures and trinkets, and easy-care plants that require little watering, and you’ve got the boho vibe down.

Image credit: Courtesy of Wallpops

5. For the Artsy Student

Whether you’re an artist or simply love playing around with design, here’s a chance for you to actually create your space. Display your own art in an ever-changing gallery using the Photo Opp wallpaper. It features illustrations of picture frames that allow you to place your artwork or photos right inside the frames on the wallpaper. The classic black and white vintage design makes a stylish canvas for you to showcase your favorite art pieces, and you can use washi tape to hang them. Tie in the theme by papering a pencil box or your nightstand to match. Add other artistic elements, like a sculpture on a stack of books atop your desk to keep things feeling collected and personal, and complete the look with an abstract pillow.

Image credit: Courtesy of Wayfair

6. For the Fan of Glam

Major in glam this semester with drop-dead gorgeous wallpaper. This metallic foiled removable wallpaper in khaki and gold with curvy lines is as easy to install as it is shiny and glamorous. For some extra posh pop, prop faux fur and metallic pillows on your bed to make a sophisticated statement. Add some fur pouf seating, string lights around the room, and sprinkle gold accents and wall art around to up the glam factor.

Image credit: Courtesy of Wall26

7. For Those Who Just Like to Chill

Laid-back students will dig this self-stick mural wallpaper design with a cool musical vibe. The musical background features a burnished and dreamy look with musical staff notes. Decorate the rest of the room with vintage album covers and vinyl records, bring in dim lighting with a rustic wall sconce or flameless candles, then toss a few loungers down for the ultimate ambiance.

Whatever wallpaper you pick, Rath says the key is to find comfort knowing that just as your college experience will be ever-changing, so too can your dorm decor! 

“Stay true to your personality, but don’t be afraid of change,” Rath says. “We are all constantly evolving as humans, and our spaces should, too!” 

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