12 Wall-Mounted Desks That Will Create an Instant Workspace Out of Thin Air

updated Jan 12, 2024
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Just because you live in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have an efficient and organized work area. Simply getting a desk is one of the best ways to solve the non-existent home-office conundrum. If you’re short on space, your at-home version of the C-suite doesn’t have to include an oversized computer table or giant chair. The right solution for you might actually be a wall-mounted desk. Also known as floating desks, these shelf-like setups give you the workspace you need without imposing on your limited floor space. 

Now, you can always DIY your desk, but if time is of the essence or instant gratification is more your thing, buying a sleek model that folds down from the wall or picking out a small desk that’s deep enough and also takes up little to no floor space is the answer. While certainly convenient, these days wall-mounted desks are also ultra-stylish. Many of them even sport features like mini cabinets and hidden compartments that will make your WFH situation oh so much better.

Best of all, wall-mounted desks can be installed in nearly any room, and while providing a sturdy work surface is the main purpose, one can easily double as a dining table or extra storage spot should you need it. If your space is at full capacity but you’re not willing to compromise your work environment, check out 12 of our favorite wall-mounted desks below.

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Urban Outfitters

Like a Murphy bed but in desk form, this space-saving model provides plenty of room to work, but it also folds back up against the wall when you’re done using it. The little cabinet up top is handy for storing office supplies and other items, and you can even top the entire unit with plants or photos so it really feels like an office. 

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was $123.99

When you’re off the clock, this cool wooden desk folds back up into a compact rectangle against your wall. And if you’re in need of a dining table and a desk, you’ve definitely found your perfect match. You can keep it out in the open to take you from work to dinner — and even use the shelves for wine glasses or linens.

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By no means did anyone say wall-mounted desks needed to be elaborate, and this Sportsman Series Wall-Mounted Folding Workbench is the definition of keeping it simple. Mount it in a tight spot and make the most use of the space in your home. Its wood and metal construction will blend it practically anywhere.

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was $99.00

The minimalist design of this desk won’t overwhelm your space, but it still offers you ample surface for your laptop, notes, and coffee mug. Since it folds down against the wall, you’ll barely notice your desk when you’re not using it. Plus, a desk like this makes forgetting work over the weekend that much easier.

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was $249.99

This floating desk brings a modern flair to your office space. Using a walnut wood design and sleek black accents, this is a great pick for someone who wants something that is small-space friendly but also impactful when it comes to aesthetics.

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This IKEA shelf is only 11 inches deep but perfect for a laptop. Plus, it has drawers to help keep your desktop clear. Use it either above an existing desk for extra storage or on its own for the perfect small-space solution.

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Finnish Design Shop

A desktop is one of the components of the String wall shelving system, which can be combined with brackets and shelves to create an attractive workspace-bookshelf combination. The desktop starts at $140, and you will need to buy the other components separately.

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was $352.00

For the truly space-conscious, this petite workstation takes up no more room than a picture frame but can support up to 20 pounds when anchored to the wall properly.

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The Container Store
was $515.50

Your solution to the awkward recess in your wall that you have no idea what to do with is this shelving system’s wall-mounted desk. Not only do you get a desk out of this setup, you also get plenty of extra storage space for books, decor, and work supplies. It’s a win-win in every aspect.

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This wall-mounted desk is Blu Dot's newest version. It features a compartment in the back for storing cords and comes in this gorgeous walnut color.

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Crafted out of English walnut wood, this desk is what minimalist dreams are made of. It’s composed of three built-in shelves, and its profile and trim really help to carve out a pop-up office space. A sleek sliding panel lets you to change which shelf you’d like to keep covered, so you can store items safely and easily.

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Design Within Reach
was $895.00

And finally, if you're looking for a more mid-range option, cosider the lovely Folk Ladder Desk from Norm Architects, available at Design Within Reach. Small-space friendly and available in three finishes, it's perfect for the mid-century modern lover.