Tips for Making a Fan More Effective

updated Sep 16, 2022
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I don’t have air conditioning. Most of the time, my apartment, which is on the bottom floor, stays cool. But then there are those nights that are almost unbearable, and I break out the fan. Easy, right? Set it up, so it blows directly on your face. Uh, not so much. Luckily there are some tricks you can use a fan to help make it more effective.

  • Since heat rises, the coolest air in your home will be hovering around floor level. To get it up to where it’ll do some good, set your fan on the floor.
  • Position the fan so that it points towards the opposite wall, unobstructed by large objects. This will push the cooler air towards the wall, where it’ll “bounce” off the wall and back into the room, mixing with the hotter air to eventually cool the room.
  • To speed up the cooling action, place a bowl of ice water so that the air
    blows across it.