Think Your Television Is an Eyesore? Meet the World’s Most Beautiful TV

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Samsung)

I didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with a TV. Shoes maybe, but I’ve never been one to go gaga over tech. It’s just that televisions have been eyesores almost as long as they’ve been around. Sure, they’re functional, and flatter and thinner than before. But they’ve essentially remained big black boxes, even when hanging on the wall. That is, until now. Samsung just released The Frame television a little while ago, and boy, as a design enthusiast, am I fangirling hard over here.

(Image credit: Samsung)

Why? Let me break it down for you. Even if you can mount your TV to a wall, there’s invariably a sizeable gap between the television and wall, not to mention a mess of cords to deal with. You can hide wires with a cable raceway, or paint your wall black like I did to camouflage them, which is a drastic decision that won’t work for most people, I realize. But The Frame, which is currently available in both 55-inch and 65-inch models, is a game-changer for two reasons. It has a no-gap frame mount that allows you to basically bring the TV flush to the wall and an “invisible connection” option, which is a fancy way of saying it has a sleek, single cord system that blends seamlessly into your wall.

And did I mention how The Frame got its name? Well, because it sits so close to the wall and has interchangeable bezels (black is standard; walnut, beige wood and white are upgrades), it literally can pass for a framed picture. And when you’re not watching TV (4K resolution BTW), the 100-plus licensed paintings, photos and other works of art that you can display on the screen in “Art Mode” really seal the deal.

Should you tire of the preloaded art selection, you can purchase new pieces from Samsung’s catalog. You can also upload and display family photos here, too. So take that, smart fridge! It’s also possible to experiment with matte layouts and colors if you want an ultra customized look.

(Image credit: Emily Henderson)

I’ve yet to meet a The Frame owner in the wild, but you know a few of our favorite tastemakers have gotten to play around with these beauties. Emily Henderson teamed up with Samsung and the artist Timothy Goodman to create a gallery wall like never before, where the TVs are virtually indistinguishable from the actual pieces of art. Very sneaky!

(Image credit: Happy Grey Lucky)

The blogger Happy Grey Lucky used The Frame in her Scandi-inspired family room, and it looks really good, folks. That digital print is similar to something I would contemplate buying from Minted, so spot on so far with the artwork choices, Samsung.

How much will this beautiful marriage of form and function set you back? The 55-inch retails for $1,999.99, and the 65-inch’s MSRP is $2,799.99. Apple started making tech more design-y, and Samsung has definitely teed up with The Frame. So question is: What’s next—or what would you like to be next?