The Roberts’ Playful Wonderland West End Townhouse

updated Feb 20, 2019
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(Image credit: Lizzie Ford)

Name: Cori & Jake Roberts
Location: West End; Glasgow, Scotland
Size: Three story town house
Years lived in: 3 years; owned

I can only conclude that Cori, her husband Jake (a film editor) and their three beautiful boys, Milo, Jonah and Louis, have effortless style running through their veins. Cori was born in Sweden, and with a photographer for a mother and artist for a father; their home was a hive of creativity. Her parents were forever pulling things out of skips – salvaging unloved furniture and turning it into something beautiful. As a result, Cori has an innate love for Scandinavian style (with a particular weakness for Danish design), that oozes all over their stunning Glasgow Georgian townhouse.

(Image credit: Lizzie Ford)

Like the Willy Wonka approach to interior design, every room has been reinvented with total freedom of imagination. The result is a magnificent home with space for children to be children – swinging seats suspended from the ceiling and walls you can draw on? Tick. And grown ups to be children too – check out the cinema room complete with glitter ball, giant beanbags and projector screen! One thing is clear; this family certainly proves you can be serious about design and seriously fun too.

(Image credit: Lizzie Ford)

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: I love traditional, old, kitsch and quirky so I guess I’ve got quite eclectic taste. The challenge for me and what defines my style, is to put all these elements together in some kind of contemporary fashion. I’m aiming for a warm, unusual, practical and sophisticated space which is fun to live in.

Inspiration: This one is easy… The house!

We live in a beautiful Georgian town house in the heart of the Glasgow’s west end. Large windows overlook communal gardens filled with huge grand trees. The house itself is bursting with traditional features such as cornices, high ceilings, open fire places. With it’s original majestic staircase sweeping up through the house it feels like a very inviting place to get drawn into. So what a great canvas for anyone to work with.

Favorite Element:
My old Hobart bread dough maker, it’s gorgeous, and obviously I have to bake a lot of bread to justify the space it takes up. My husband is laughing at this statement.. for reasons I am unsure of. I have also managed to buy an old vintage Hovis bread tin to make the perfect loaf, with Hovis etched on the side. He is laughing uncontrollably… I think he feels I’m not as a successful of a bread maker as I would like to think I am? Or maybe it’s about the choice of my favourite element?

I could talk about our bed. It’s a Savoir bed which is a ridiculously expensive bed and if I had to choose to keep just one thing, I guess it would have to be the bed hands down. It was an ex display model, which softened the blow a little. We both always long for home and love jumping in to the soft cloud of pure joy, worth every penny!

Biggest Challenge:

What Friends Say: We do get a lot of WOW’s & house envy’s. But bear in mind that a lot of our friends live in London!

Biggest Embarrassment: I just asked my husband what he thought my biggest embarrassment was and I think we rolled around laughing for what felt like an hour with him reeling out antidotes one after the other of some of the things that I could mention here!?

The wine fridge that I recently bought was one; it was slimline and fitted a small space perfectly in the kitchen, I really feel that the gleaming stainless steel fridge, matching my other appliances really lifted my vintage kitchen perfectly into a contemporary realm. The only problem is… it is so slim and snug that we have been forced to start drinking ‘blue nun’ wine, as we can’t actually fit any other normal bottle of wine into it!?

Proudest DIY:
Ok, I’m not going to be coy here.. sorry my darling Jake. I am definitely the one holding the screw driver in the house… I’m more tenacious than skilled though. My proudest recent DIY moment was stripping the paint off of the fire place is the living-room to unveil black marble underneath!? I just love it when that happens!

Biggest Indulgence: Hmm… Perhaps our 1.5 meter long french dual cooker, but maybe that’s a bit of a boring indulgence? I think our cinema room must be our guilty pleasure and most besets indulgence. We have three giant Buddha bags which we can flop into, support up to three adults per bag. This is where we hide on a cold, rainy evening (of which there are many, here in Scotland)… watch movies and eat pop corn.

Best Advice: Is not to give any! Advice is just annoying, because if you have your mind set on something you don’t want it squashed by some ‘know it all’ … We are all so different! I always think ‘if there is a will there is a way’

But if I had to give one piece of advice I would say ‘Get rid of stuff! Donate it! Give it away! Sell it! My motto ‘de-clutter!’

(Image credit: Lizzie Ford)

Resources of Note:


  • Timorous Beasties statement wallpaper
  • Farrow & Ball paint
  • French coat rack from Chiswick
  • Old post office pigeonhole unit


  • wood burner from a retailer online
  • modular vintage red sofa – eBay
  • chaise lounge – from reclamation yard
  • Set of three ‘nesting tables in teak’, from local low brow furniture shop around the corner from us
  • Our 1960’s lighting – standing & wall mounted – Authentics, Otago Street Glasgow
  • Lingo Rosso carpet – Ex display Lingo Rosso shop
  • Large bird sculpture lighting – Artwork
  • Farrow & Ball paint


  • Saovoir bed – Saovoir bed shop, ex display
  • Bed Linen – White company
  • Wall paper – American vintage wall paper shop
  • Farrow & Ball paint
  • White Plastic table – made by a friend Al Smith
  • Dressing table – eBay
  • Lime green cushions – John Lewis
  • Bed spread – John Lewis
  • Farrow & Ball paint


  • Bed – French bunk bed shop
  • wall – black board paint B&Q
  • Map of the wold – on line wall paper shop
  • Swings – ikea
  • Play table – eBay
  • Lego heads –
  • Moon light – Habitat
  • Beaded whale – mum brought back from Africa


  • Original Godin 1950’s cooker from a specialist in Bath. They buy this units and usually strip the paint off. I was adamant to buy one still with original paint left on, completely different look to the steel stripped ones.
  • Gagganau fridge freezer – Gumtree
  • Kitchen railing – Rosle
  • Taps – e-bay
  • Work tops – bought online. Original chemistry work tops from a school, still with graffiti scraped in to the wood!
  • Window seat – ‘teak wood school tops’ from a reclamation yard in Glasgow on Dumbarton Road.
  • Units for glasses and plates – Ikea
  • Tiles – from an old hospital
  • Hobart dough maker – restaurant & hotel second hand on line shop
  • 1970’s Children’s play castle – e-bay
  • Felt storage baskets – John Lewis
  • 3 globe celling lights – Authentics, Otago Street, Glasgow
  • Many nick nacks from Felix and Oscars on Great Western Rd, Glasgow
  • Farrow & Ball paint


  • Table – Scotty Cunningham
  • Puffs – Graham and Green
  • Zebra cowhide – local shop on Great Western Road
  • Linge Rosse storage – eBay
  • Giant Budda bags from the Budda bag company
  • Farrow & Ball paint
(Image credit: Lizzie Ford)

Thanks, Cori & Jake!

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