The Shared Wall: A Neighborly Guide to Co-Existing in Close Quarters

published Jan 11, 2015
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(Image credit: Carolyn Purnell)

When you live in the close quarters of an apartment or condo, a little bit of consideration can go a long way towards happy neighbors. Sharing a wall can get awkward, so think about these tips before problems arise. If you can prevent or nip little squabbles in the bud, you can potentially save yourself massive amounts of misery and stress for years to come.

Consider these keep-the-peace ideas:

  • Think about your shared wall when planning the layout of your room. Try to position your TV or speakers so they direct sound into your room and not your neighbor’s home.
  • Assembling a gallery wall or other hammer-heavy project? Keep the work to daytime hours and give your neighbor a quick heads-up and an assurance that it’s a short term nuisance.
  • Consider decorating with a textured wall-hanging to buffer noise between your two spaces.
  • Be extra careful with the volume of music or movies when in your neighbor-adjacent rooms, especially after hours.
  • Share a bedroom wall? Consider moving your bed frame a few inches out from the wall to avoid any unnecessary (ahem) banging.
  • Don’t forget your floor may also be a shared wall so stomp accordingly.

Be a considerate neighbor and set the tone for happy, mutually-beneficial relations from now on.

Tell us, what do you do (or wish your neighbors did) to co-exist in harmony?