These 6 Trends Will Rule the Rest of 2021, According to Etsy

published Mar 23, 2021
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

We’re about a quarter into the year, so in the design world, that, of course, means it’s high time to start making some major trend predictions. Sure, anything could take off over the next nine months. When big brands come in hot with some bold predictions though, you generally take notice.

To that end, this morning Etsy released its annual Home Decor Trend Guide, and interestingly enough, four out of the six picks are trends we’ve covered at Apartment Therapy fairly recently (and as early as mid-summer 2020). Is art imitating life or is life imitating art? Either way, after a year where many of us have spent more time home than ever, it’s no surprise that many of these trends that we’re honing in on speak to our ever-evolving, round-the-clock relationships with our spaces. These six trends are what Etsy is betting on for 2021, and maybe one or more of them is just what your space needs to start fresh for spring and beyond.


Back in October of 2020, we declared travertine the new marble, and apparently, Etsy agrees and has the data to back that up. Searches for “travertine items” are up 211 percent on the site, with shoppers targeting tables in particular. The recent interest in this neutral, durable, and textural stone might have something to do with how popular warm minimalism has become as a decorating style; travertine fits right into this aesthetic.

Wavy, squiggly, and curvy decor 

Call it a tribute to Memphis design, a reaction against clean mid-century lines, or just a desire for something extra, but people are definitely looking for more whimsy when it comes to furnishing these days. Blobs, waves, and squiggles started creeping into furniture silhouettes, mirror frames (like the Gustaf Westman stunner above), and onto candlestick holders and candles themselves last year, and Etsy has the staggering numbers to prove it. Searches for “wavy candles” are up 28,236 percent and “wavy mirrors” 5,296 percent. With numbers like that, this trend shows no signs of slowing down for 2021.

The home sanctuary    

“It’s more important than ever to find moments of relaxation, and shoppers are taking refuge in their own homes by creating soothing, stress-free sanctuaries,” says Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s resident trend expert. According to Johnson, creating a spa-like atmosphere in a bath is one popular way to unwind; Etsy’s seen a 7,466 percent increase in searches for “eucalyptus shower bundles,” a 212 percent increase in searches for “bath caddies,” and a 120 percent increase in searches for “waffle towels.”

“Shoppers are also adding more greenery to their spaces as a way to promote tranquility and connect with nature,” says Isom Johnson. “In fact, we’re calling olive trees the new ‘it’ plant — we’ve already seen an 269 percent increase in searches for ‘olive trees’ and an 896 percent increase in searches for ‘faux olive trees’.”

Checkered prints

Last July, we predicted the return of the checker print, well before “The Queen’s Gambit” took the world by storm and renewed interest in all things chess, including its signature checkered game board. Checkers seemed to be popping up everywhere, from rugs and pillows to kitchen towels and coasters. As of late, this motif has shifted into neutral territory though with more subtle colorways.

Etsy’s numbers on this one are pretty striking, too; searches for “checkered print items” within the home and living category have jumped 889 percent with much of the focus on textiles including bedding, quilts, rugs, and cushions.

Mushroom motifs

By focusing on the ubiquity of mushroom lamps, we didn’t quite hit this trend on the head (or would it be cap, in mushroom-speak?). According to Etsy though, mushrooms are making their way from the world of wellness into home decor. This motif has its roots in retro ‘60s and ‘70s imagery, but this time around, mushrooms are decidedly more modern and often monotone. Etsy searches for “mushroom lamps” are up 371 percent but even more telling: There’s been a 902 percent increase in searches for “mushroom pillows and pillowcases.”

Credit: Lauren Kolyn


It’s pretty easy to get behind the modern mash-up style that is Japandi decor; it’s essentially a cozy, minimalist aesthetic that blends the best of Japanese and Scandinavian interiors: simple light woods, warm whites, and uncluttered surfaces. “On Etsy, there has been a 172 percent increase in searches for ‘Japanese decor’ and a 55 percent increase in searches for ‘Scandinavian decor’,” says Isom Johnson. She recommends pairing warm shades of wood with contrasting neutral colors to get this look.