Blobs, Waves, and Squiggles: Curvy Decor Is Everywhere Right Now, and Here’s Where to Get It

published Nov 18, 2020
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Gustaf Westman Pink Wavy Curved Mirror

Curvy blobs, waves, tubular forms, and squiggles: These playful shapes have been making a comeback in design recently, and I’m not mad about it. From Ettore Sottsass’ infamous Ultrafragola Mirror to popcorn benches, you can find freer, less angular silhouettes and non-conventional materials for the home pretty much everywhere these days. Even mass retailers like IKEA are hopping on the bandwagon and creating limited-edition collections of funkier items. 

Call it a tribute to Memphis design or just an unabashed love for the non-traditional, but people are craving bolder, more whimsical furniture items for their homes right now. “Years ago people talked about interiors where everything needed to match and be perfect,” says Stockholm-based furniture designer Gustaf Westman, who has a curvy mirror in his eponymous line. “That kind of interior is very much associated with overconsumption and fast fashion, which the new generation doesn’t want to be combined with. The opposite to that is weird shapes, blobs, and colors that don’t really fit together.” 

These quirky shapes and bright colors are definitely catching my attention, and their strangeness certainly makes me smile. I went on the hunt for these kinds of cheery pieces at all price points, starting at just $12, and these are the gems I found. 

Credit: Yui Brooklyn

Curvy Shape Wax Candle

These curvy wax candles are bound to bring a little joy into your world. Light them up for a cozy night in or place them on a bookshelf with your favorite tchotchkes. They come in two different sets of colors: pastels for a candy land feel, and warmer shades like amber and navy blue (not pictured here) for this last breath of autumn.

Buy: Curvy Shape Wax Candle, Starting at $15.00 from Yui Brooklyn 

Credit: Wiggle Room

Wiggle Room Side Table

Something about Wiggle Room’s side tables makes me want to do a little happy dance. They come in unique colors like strawberry, lavender, and pistachio. At sixteen inches wide, they are the perfect size to fit in almost any living space. Use one to hold your drinks or prop up your plants in an empty corner.

Buy: Side Table, $280.00 from Wiggle Room

Credit: CB2

Waves Brass Taper Candle Holder

If you prefer to keep your candles simple but want to add an element of fun to your candle holder game, try these wavy brass pieces. The brass ripples make them look like mini sculptures, and they’ll be sure to fancy up your dining table or mantel.

Buy: Waves Taper Brass Candle Holder, Starting at $34.95 from CB2

Credit: Amazon

Decorative Flower Vase

A subtle nod to the curvy trend, this stylish vase (the elbow-shaped one in the foreground) is an excellent way to add something special to your shelfie. Pair it with a dried protea stem, as shown above, for an everlasting look.

Buy: Decorative Flower Vase, $37.15 from Amazon

Seymour Lamp

This lamp from Objects for Objects is definitely a splurge, but it’s also handmade, eye-catching, and a small-scale statement piece. Best of all, the simple black and white stripes mean this lamp will match most other items you already have in your home.

Buy: Seymour Lamp, $390.00 from Objects for Objects

Credit: Etsy

Ceramic Snake Curve Vases

These ceramic vases provide another simple (yet beautiful!) way to add some eye-pleasing curvature to your home. They’re available in a few different styles and colors, so you’ll be able to choose one that fits your existing color scheme. I love the idea of pairing the two shapes next to each other for a coordinated, layered look.

Buy: Ceramic Snake Curve Vase, Starting at $48.37 from Etsy

Credit: Urban Glass

Splat Coasters

These glass coasters are not for a formal interior. They take me back to the days of Nickelodeon’s Gak, but in the best way possible. Available in colors like bright orange, petal pink, and (believe it or not) slime green, these coasters will make you smile every time you set down your drink.

Buy: Splat Coasters, $60.00 for a set of 4 from Urban Glass

Twist Duo Taper Candle

Here’s one more candle for good measure that makes me go all heart-eyes. I’ve been spying this twisted candle by designer Lex Pott all over Instagram, and now it’s available in a new red and white marbleized colorway that’s perfect for the holiday season. Order it now before it sells out (because it will).

Buy: Twist Duo Candle, $40.00 from Urban Outfitters

Credit: West Elm

Herra Side Table

This sculptural side table wants to make its presence known with its tubular base. This fluted feature adds so much dimension and personality to what would have been an otherwise standard side table, and for that reason, it’s a keeper.

Buy: Herra Side Table, $199.00 from West Elm