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5 Things You Can Add to Your Guest Room to Make It Feel Like a Hotel

published Nov 13, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

If I can relate to Tom Haverford of “Parks and Recreation” in any way at all, it’s our mutual love of amenities. When I book a hotel, I make my decision based on how many amenities it has, both inside and outside the room. There’s just something about the little luxuries that can make or break the stay for me.

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So when I recently moved almost 1,000 miles away from family and friends, I sprung for a two-bed, two-bath apartment should any of them want to visit. OK, so it wasn’t a totally selfless decision since the guest bedroom doubles as my office space. But when I host, I want people to feel as comfortable as possible. 

Here are five things I added to make their stay feel like a fun hotel experience and, thanks to the professional organizer in me, keep their things a little tidier.

Credit: Mary Cornetta

Toiletries for the Taking

It’s inevitable to forget something while packing, but I try to reduce the risk of anyone having to make a run to CVS. Taking an inexpensive glass jar with a lid, I threw in things such as mini bars of soap, travel-size dry shampoos and toothpaste tubes, tampons, individual packs of makeup wipes, new razors, and shower caps (that I admittedly collected from past hotel stays). This was also not an entirely altruistic act as it gave me a place to store my overflow toiletries. And I most definitely pick through the jar before I travel anywhere. 

It sits on the guest bathroom counter for the taking with a custom-made label letting visitors know not to be shy. As a bonus, I placed a couple of my favorite ceramic toothbrush holders next to the jar so they can keep theirs upright and sanitary.

Very Own Closet Space

I refer to the closet in my guest bedroom using another sitcom reference: the Monica Geller closet from “Friends.” It’s stuffed with, well, a lot of stuff and a future organization project. In the meantime, I wanted guests to have their own space to hang their clothes, so I found a slim garment rack that fits easily in the corner of the room and includes a handful of wooden hangers. There’s even a bottom shelf for shoes and, for folded items like pajamas and underwear, I left the nightstands empty to double as dressers. This way they can unpack and organize their outfits as soon as they arrive.

A WiFi Welcome

I dread asking anyone what their WiFi is when I’m at their place. The look of panic on their face feels familiar as they scramble to remember or find it. I wanted to avoid this annoying interaction in my own house so I found this adorable sign, wrote in the WiFi info with a dry-erase marker, and popped it onto one of the nightstands so guests can instantly connect.

Hydration Station

Even if I don’t take a sip, I still need a glass of water on my bedside table every night. So I wanted my visitors to have their own source of hydration without needing to trek into the kitchen. I found this carafe with the cup serving as the lid when not in use and placed it on one of the nightstands. If you want to level up the luxe look (and taste!), add a few slices of lemon and lime to the carafe.

Keep Them Charged

Sometimes, I’d rather not take my charger out of my bag when I arrive anywhere because it simply increases the chance of me forgetting it (thanks to my ADHD). So I plugged in an extra iPhone charger behind the bed and kept it accessible by using a small cable clip attached to the side of a nightstand. If you want to accommodate all types of phones, try a charging pad that’s compatible with different brands.