You’re One Click Away From Never Forgetting Anything Again

updated May 3, 2019
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The art of forgetting isn’t hard to master. No matter how organized and prepared we attempt to be, sometimes well, it happens. We forget stuff. But what if there was an iPhone app designed to ensure you don’t ever walk out the door without everything you need? Don’t Leave It! is a location-based reminder app that helps you keep track of your everyday necessities, so you always remember to take them with you when you leave. And best of all: it’s free.

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How it works:

If this brilliant app sounds too good to be true, then let me break it down for you. Unlike most reminder apps—which simply send reminders to your phone based on a prescheduled time or event—Don’t Leave It! uses your phone’s GPS system and a pedometer to track you, making sure you don’t get too far from the things you need. Just use the app to select an item (keys, your coat, your tupperware) you don’t want to leave home (or work, or a friend’s place) without; set a distance you’re allowed to walk away from it (for example, 50 steps); and just like that: you’ll get a reminder sent straight to your phone once you step beyond your perimeter. It’s like having a really reliable friend that never forgets the concert tickets.

What it does:

Remembers your stuff: Although the app comes with 80 pre-programmed personal items—think: car keys, purses, chargers, wallets, sunglasses, and more—you can still add your own if you’d like. Just select your items, set a distance, and never worry about leaving something important behind again. You can re-activate your alerts any time you need them.

Sets boundaries: Your personal perimeters are entirely up to you thanks to your GPS navigation system and the app’s built-in pedometer. Just tell the app exactly how far you can walk away before being sent an alert, and voila: you’ve got a virtual tracker reminding you not to forget your stuff.

Sends Quick Alerts: Sometimes you’re in a hurry, and don’t have time to swipe through the list to find an item you want to create a reminder for. Thankfully, the app offers a “Quick Alert” button, allowing you to create and receive a general reminder with fewer taps.

Works without Data/GPS: No phone service? No problem. Thanks to the app’s trusty pedometer, Don’t Leave It! will still work without data or GPS. This means you can be forgetful virtually anywhere, without having to worry about receiving a reminder!

However, it WON’T track or save any of your location info: If you’re worried that all that step-tracking and item-tagging will eventually be shared, rest assured it won’t. Don’t Leave It! designed the app so that they have no access to any of your device’s location data or history. Meaning your current location (and all of the steps you’ve taken to get there) are safe with you—just like your personal belongings.

The app is free for the iPhone, with ads, or you can pay 99¢ to go ad-free. Available at the App Store.