This IKEA MOSSLANDA Picture-Ledge DIY Looks Like Custom Open Shelving for Less than $50

published Apr 4, 2023
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Scalloped trims and edging have been popping up all over furniture and home decor designs lately, and I’m fully on board for this trend to take off. Major retailers like West Elm and Pottery Barn have also caught on, putting their own scalloped spins on light fixtures, bookshelves, and more. I even fell in love with a gorgeous scallop-trimmed book ledge recently, but it admittedly fell a little out of my price range. Since I already had some simple IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledges at home, though, I wondered if I could add scallop detailing myself and recreate the look for less. It turned out to be an inexpensive and super-simple DIY, and if you consider all the ways MOSSLANDA can be used, this trim idea certainly has legs.

First, I purchased some scalloped wooden molding trim from Amazon. Unfortunately, the specific pieces I used are now unavailable, but I found a few similar styles from Etsy: this version, which measures almost the exact length of the MOSSLANDA picture ledges, or this slightly shorter 24-inch scalloped trim. Depending on your own ledges or shelves, you can also go for this customizable, larger-scale wooden pattern, which is available in a range of different sizes. Either way, you can’t argue with the prices here, with most of these trims ringing in at under $20 a piece — that’s significantly less than the original shelves I’d been eyeing. 

Credit: Chelsea Angelos

Next, I painted the scalloped trim to match the color of the IKEA photo ledges. Once each piece dried, I glued them to the bottom of my book ledges with the scallops facing downward. Of course, you can also flip the orientation so that the pattern points toward the ceiling; this will come in handy if you want to put one of these on a tabletop to corral things. Finally, I waited for the glue to dry and then mounted a pair on the wall, and I was done! Thanks to just four materials, this DIY has added so much whimsy to our kids’ bedroom.

Credit: Chelsea Angelos

This project doesn’t need to be limited to IKEA book ledges or children’s rooms, either. You could add scalloped molding trim to a bookcase, the edge of a table, a rectangular mirror — honestly, just about anything and any area of your home could work for this adorable, affordable update.