This Modular Dog Bed Can Be Customized to Fit Your Dog’s Personality Type

published Nov 25, 2020
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Credit: hyemin kim

All dogs are good dogs, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Just as humans can be classified with a variety of personality tests (Meyers-Briggs, Enneagram, favorite Thanksgiving food), dogs can also be sorted into personality types. And a new modular, customizable dog bed aims to make all of them happy.

Industrial design student Hyemin Kim created the bed, named MUF, based on the idea that dogs can have eight basic personality types: independent, dependent, timid, active, playful, curious, loyal, and brilliant. MUF comes with a bed plus eight accessories, one for each type.

Credit: hyemin kim

Some of the accessories can be used as toys, like the “nosework mat” for curious types and the red blocks for active types, with a rope strung through for chewing.

Others offer comfort, like a pillow for loyal types and a blanket for dependent types.

For independent types, there’s a foldable roof that can turn the bed into a private getaway, while a body pillow gives timid types something soft to lean against.

Credit: hyemin kim

For curious types, there’s a cylindrical pillow that can also function as a toy. And last, brilliant types have a multipurpose mat that can also be used as a cushion or shade.

With all eight of these accessories, you can customize a space for any dog to love. It also might be the closest thing to a personality test your dog can take itself. 

Credit: hyemin kim

For now, the MUF modular dog bed is a prototype not available for sale. You can see more photos of it, as well as Kim’s other projects, on Instagram.