This Tiny Home Was 3D Printed in 24 Hours

updated Apr 30, 2019
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(Image credit: Apis Cor)

Only two years have passed since the world’s first 3D printed apartment building was constructed in China, and since then, the sustainable architectural process has been refined to produce stellar results in time frames that are becoming increasingly faster. The most recent example is this tiny home that was 3D printed in just 24 hours.

As Curbed reports, the single-story, 400-square-foot residential structure was completed in Russia, cost a little more than $10,000 and was completed entirely onsite, thanks to Apis Cor’s mobile 3D printer. The company is the first to develop such an apparatus.

Construction took place south of Moscow at Apis Cor’s test facility in Stupino, where according to the company website, the building wall, self-bearing walls and partitions were printed in less than one day, along with the insulation. That’s extremely impressive, especially given the fact it takes more time for you to have your head 3D-printed as a LEGO piece.

But to the LEGO head printer’s credit, their operation probably doesn’t rely heavily upon equipment that possesses such extreme output capabilities. Apis Cor’s innovative mobile 3D printer bears similarities to a crane, is portable, and the process resolves the need for assembling and transporting materials.

(Image credit: Apis Cor)

Looking at the home, one would never guess that it underwent the 3D print process in a single day. The neat exterior is circular in design and features a white plastered finish. Samsung provided the home’s high-tech appliances, among them a TV with “the same radius of curvature as a curved wall in the house,” which helps to enhance its modern aesthetic.

Who else is giving major consideration to adding one of these sustainable 3D-printed tiny homes to a wish list? Given the lighting fast-printing production process, cozying up in one these eco-friendly structures could very well become a reality sooner than we could dream it.