This UFO-Shaped Rocking Chair Is Out of This World

published Apr 14, 2017
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(Image credit: IT One Off)

The last thing we tend to think of when we see furniture is an extraterrestrial entity, but this UFO-shaped rocking chair has us seriously reconsidering the way we view seating options.

Despite the obvious stigma attached to it, allow us to assure you that this rocking chair doesn’t immediately conjure up images of sleeping babies and knitting grandmas. Equal parts stylish, sleek and quirky, the appropriately named Unidentified Furniture Object is a swinging rocking chair created by Italian design company IT One Off that takes its structural cues from the shape of a space capsule.

(Image credit: IT One Off via Livin Spaces)

As IT One Off describes it, this unique accent chair was inspired by the need for space vehicles to shield themselves against the harsh effects of traveling through Earth’s intensely hot atmosphere.

Rocking chairs are often associated with lounging and casually observing one’s surroundings, which the futuristic, UFO-shaped seat allows through its 360-degree rotating capabilities. The hand-crafted chassis is prepped in pure carbonfiber and outfitted with automotive technologies. The spacious seat (also handmade) is constructed from a large piece of memory foam in order to support an ergonomically comfortable design. In addition to being functional, comfy and giving you the slight sensation of being nestled inside an actual spacecraft, the chair features handmade leather cushions that come in a variety of brilliant colors.

(Image credit: IT One Off via Livin Spaces)

The space-inspired seat measures almost six feet wide and nearly four feet tall, but don’t expect to go rotating and rocking off into the cosmos – the Unidentified Furniture Object weighs in at a whopping 211 pounds. (In case you’re wondering, that’s approximately 782 times less than the weight of the empty Space Shuttle.)

While it’s not quite out of this world, Livin Spaces notes that the UFO-inspired seating is touted as “the first and only ‘one ground point’ swinging and rocking chair in the world.”