This Website Lets You Scream Into the Void

published Dec 23, 2020
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When you post on social media, do you ever think you’d be better off just screaming into a void? Well, you can. There’s a website called Scream Into the Void, where you can toss off the words you’d otherwise tweet, write in your journal, or leave unarticulated and bottled up deep inside the folds of your brain.

Type your feelings, hit the red “scream button,” and watch your words be sucked into a void, accompanied by a screaming voice.

Credit: HBO

The website, while more timely than ever right now, is five years old. John Oliver created it in 2015 in response to the app Peeple, described horrifyingly as a “Yelp for people.”

“The Internet is basically a faucet that dispenses hate, racism and the occasional sad orgasm,” Oliver said on his show, Last Week Tonight, per HuffPost.

“The Internet essentially exists so people can say vicious things about each other. We don’t need another app to facilitate that. What we need is something which helps stop people from getting hurt.”

Peeple still exists, though it never really became a Yelp for people. The void remains too. Why not try screaming into it? Find the void here.