This “Cute” Mid-Century Modern Thrift Store Find Is a Must-Have for Fresh Flowers

published Feb 21, 2024
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Credit: Bev Wilson

Thrift stores and antique malls are bursting at the seams with vintage glassware, making them some of the best places to shop for unique (and affordable) drinking glasses, tumblers, and more. That goes for glass vases, too, and I personally love strolling the aisles of my local thrift shop (shout out to Hodgson’s Antiques in South Pasadena!) in search of new vessels for my weekly rotation of Trader Joe’s flowers. 

Out of all of the vases in my collection, though, my favorites are a Country Garden amber pitcher from the Libbey Glass Company (I also have matching drinkware) and the most adorable vintage glass orange juice carafe, which has become my go-to for spring blooms. 

Credit: Jessie Quinn

Orange juice carafes were super popular in the 1960s and ‘70s, with several different styles to choose from, including one cute decorative design that’s also from the Libbey Glass Company. According to my research, the one I have is from Anchor Hocking — one of the manufacturers that produced colorful Depression Glass pieces in the mid-20th century — and I’m fairly certain it dates back to the 1970s, if not a little earlier. 

I love the overall eclectic, retro-modern feel these carafes have, which blends in beautifully with today’s popular mid-century-inspired decor. Of course, the classic carafe shape works well for pouring juice, but the slender neck also doubles as the perfect floral display. Plus, the cheerful applique offers a fun pop of color without feeling too bold. 

Even though I wasn’t alive in the 1970s, this orange juice carafe bottles up a ton of nostalgia for me. When I was growing up, I’m fairly certain my aunt (who also loves antiques) had the same one on her table. I was also born and raised in Southern California, so the orange decal feels like a nod to my home state. 

When I first saw my juice carafe sitting on top of a shelf at an antique mall last year, I was immediately drawn to it for the styling potential. I knew it was meant to be repurposed into a vase, and now I love seeing it as the centerpiece on my kitchen table. If you’re looking to spruce up your own go-to flowers this spring, keep your eyes peeled for these carafes at your local thrift store, or you can search “vintage Anchor Hocking orange juice jug” on sites like Etsy or Replacements, Ltd. Most of these pieces are priced under $20, so you’ll be able to keep up your fresh Trader Joe’s blooms habit, too!