This Minimalist Nightstand Revitalized My Bedroom Routine and Gave Me a Better Night’s Sleep

published May 2, 2022
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When my husband, sons, and I moved from Minnesota to Wisconsin last year, we bought a Cape Cod house we loved, but it was a lot smaller than our previous home. We learned quickly that layout and design are more important to us than square footage, but the small bedrooms — half the size of our rooms back in Minnesota — threw us for a loop. 

Our old king-size bed wouldn’t fit in our new bedroom, so I began searching for a queen bed that also elevated the aesthetic of our space. I ended up getting (and loving) the Thuma Bed, a sturdy-but-beautiful platform frame that fits perfectly in our weirdly shaped room. I slept better at night because I enjoyed being in my space, but one vital component was missing: I needed a nightstand!

Our room is too narrow for nightstands on either side of the bed, and the one I had in our old room had been damaged during the move. As a stand-in, I had been using an end table with a lamp on it. That meant books, magazines, my water bottle, and other clutter ended up on the floor, which didn’t exactly make it easy to feel calm and collected. I wanted my bedroom to feel neat and restful, and I also didn’t like keeping bedtime essentials like my CBD roller and headache medicine in the bathroom.

Searching for the perfect nightstand, I had a few non-negotiables. The piece had to match the light and airy vibe of my room, but because I was only buying one, I also wanted it to be big enough to store everything we might need at bedtime. Surface area for a lamp and my phone was important, and I definitely wanted to have hidden storage in a drawer to keep things as tidy as possible. 

After striking out at my usual furniture sources, I remembered Thuma also sells The Nightstand as the companion to the bed frame. I ordered one right away in the same natural finish, and honestly? I wish I would have thought to do it sooner. 

The Nightstand, first of all, is as beautiful as The Bed. It’s made of the same sturdy, upcycled wood, and I love the way the minimal, clean lines elevate my space while adding to the serene vibe I wanted in a room. It sounds silly, but having a matching set of quality pieces also feels so adult of me, which sparks joy every time I walk into the space. 

Having ample storage has encouraged better bedtime routines, which in turn helps my sleep. There’s plenty of room on top of the nightstand for a large lamp, water bottle, and my phone, which I use as white noise and an alarm. In the drawer — which is surprisingly large — I keep everything I might need at night: natural sleep aids, essential oils, and medication (I get migraines, and sometimes I need my prescription at 2 a.m.). Beneath the drawer, I keep several books I’m reading, and having them nearby (as opposed to downstairs on a bookshelf) encourages me to read before bed rather than scrolling on my phone. 

I’ve also noticed that having a designated spot for everything makes my room feel neater, which has had a big impact on my ability to relax in bed at night. I haven’t kept track of my sleep in a spreadsheet or anything, but now that I actually enjoy hanging out in my room, I go to bed earlier and feel more zen as I’m winding down, which has improved my overall well-being. Another major plus: Waking up and feeling gratitude for my space helps me start the day on a positive note (though it doesn’t always make it easy to get out of bed). 

If you’re looking for well-made bedroom pieces that are affordable, functional, and pretty to look at, I can’t recommend Thuma enough. All decor and furniture are an investment up front, but considering how much time most of us spend in our bedrooms, the payoff — enjoying your space and hopefully, getting a better night’s sleep — is totally worthwhile.