This TikTok-Viral Sleeper Sofa Chair Is a Must-Have for Small Spaces (and It’s Only $210!)

published Mar 20, 2023
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Whether or not you were ever a fan of La-Z-Boy recliners, they certainly had some redeeming qualities: they made excellent napping spots; they were an icon of 20th-century American ingenuity; and their lever-operated footrest was very fun to pull open. One thing they were not, though, was small-space-friendly. The padding sagged over every edge, and because some models rotated around a swivel, you had to clear a path around them to avoid any accidents.

Today, recliner chairs are built to be more compact, which makes them well suited to all kinds of living spaces. One especially clever design style has been big on TikTok recently, and we found a model that’s available on Amazon for just over $200. That’s several hundred dollars cheaper than even a modest La-Z-Boy, and this one comes with smart features made for a modern, versatile living room. It’s also surprising to see how much functionality you can get from a single chair.

This piece of 3-in-1 furniture can be used as a regular chair, a recliner, and a full-on bed. The backrest can go from a comfortable, near-90-degree angle for seating, all the way to completely flat when you want to take a nap. And rather than fold out, the footrest rolls out and pops up, similar to how many sleeper sofas operate. By using a stain-resistant and breathable linen for its upholstery, this sleeper chair will do its part to keep you cool — no matter how much time you spend hanging out on it.

When you transition this piece from a chair into a bed, it doubles in length (from 34 inches to 68 inches). That’s shorter than any mattress but still long enough to let you fully stretch out your legs. If you have an unexpected sleepover guest, this convertible chair is one of the easiest and quickest ways to set them up with a bed (much less hassle than inflating an air mattress, too). Plus, pouch pockets sewn on each side of the armrests give you storage space for your TV and device remotes.

On TikTok and Instagram, people have loved adding this kind of recliner to their bedrooms and living rooms. It offers a comfortable and supportive place to read, watch TV, or play video games, so everyone in your home can find their own favorite use for it. You can also add it to a home office or guest bedroom and have extra sleeping spots, for when you have multiple unexpected guests. Amazon shoppers noted that its width is on the smaller side, so it has potential to work in tiny apartments or cramped living quarters.

Credit: Amazon

For $200, this is the kind of versatile investment you’ll want to keep for years. Unlike a regular armchair, it adapts to meet different needs, which makes it useful for kids, teenagers, and adults. One Amazon reviewer shared that they got four of these chairs, one for each of their children, and they’ve held up extremely well. “I’m extremely happy with these chairs,” they wrote. “I would definitely recommend this.” Better grab yours soon before they’re all gone!