This Home Depot Gem Just Changed the Game for Tiny Kitchens (And It’s on Sale!)

published May 24, 2024
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People who live in small apartments, especially those with tiny kitchens, are often on the hunt for ingenious new small space hacks. And when Clark, half of the TikTok DIY duo @urban_lumberjax, shared the $3,000 reno of his studio apartment kitchen, viewers couldn’t get over one thing: the new dishwasher.

“Bruh. I want that dishwasher,” writes commenter @amandajohnson987. “Furious I didn’t know about this dishwasher before,” writes @kassi.kassi.kassi. 

It continues: “Sink dishwasher??? my kitchen is smaller than yours. I need this,” @bunny.hikes says. “The sink/dishwasher is insane,” @suddenlybutterfly says — followed, naturally, by a heart emoji and a 100 emoji. And commenter @itslorielle perhaps drives it home best: “That dishwasher/sink combo is genius for small city apartments.”

The dishwasher-sink combo in question is FOTILE’s 2-in-1 top-loading stainless steel sink and dishwasher, which is 18 inches wide and has a touch screen. Clark scored his on sale for $750, and you can buy the same one for just $799 from Home Depot this weekend. (Attention, small kitchen renovators: That’s $300 less than its usual price from the home improvement store.) 

Clark writes on TikTok that he didn’t know about top-loading dishwashers until doing a bit of research for his own small space. The appliances boasts a dishwasher on one side and a sink on the other (you can pick between right or left), it loads from the top to save on space, and it can hold about 24 dishes.

Clark’s friend and fellow DIYer, Gabe, (the second half of the @urban_lumberjax duo), helped him install a new, $1,200 marble countertop slab with an opening cut for the dishwasher to fit in the studio kitchen .

Clark and Gabe did have to cut into the cabinetry to make room to connect the dishwasher to the plumbing, so this project isn’t necessarily a renter-friendly one — unless your landlord agrees to it (or agrees to pay for it!) or unless you plan to buy your apartment someday — but it’s certainly a small space-friendly one.

Other small-scale projects Clark did in the kitchen include: priming and painting the yellowing backsplash tiles a brighter white for about $14, adding new cabinetry hardware, adding a SKÅDIS pegboard from IKEA, adding under-cabinet lighting from IKEA, painting the old fridge and adding new handles for about $34, and adding a cup rinser from Amazon to the edge of the sink.

(The cup rinser gets an honorable mention for commotion in the comments, as does the Lizano salsa in Clark’s condiment section.) For more small-space kitchen inspo, check out these eight additional products and ideas.