This Woman’s Disastrous DIY Bathroom Journey Had TikTok Begging Her To Stop

updated Jun 11, 2021
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Anyone who’s ever done a DIY project knows that it’s stressful work. But as 23-year-old Grace O’Heeron has shown, some DIY projects are way more stressful than others.

O’Heeron, who moved into her home in January after graduating from Baylor University in Texas, recently went viral after she tried a few TikTok renovation hacks on her bathroom, only to make the place look even worse. 

In one of her first videos, she details how she had tried to make a faux marble finish on her countertop using glitter. Unfortunately the result, according to her, resembled “a garage floor” with the sparkles looking “like bugs.”

To remedy it, O’Heeron then painted her sink dark green. Problem was, she not only had used the wrong kind of paint, but she had also failed to remove the glitter first, resulting in an uneven and chunky application. 

The comments section quickly blew up. One comment said that her work looked like a “high school bathroom,” while another compared it to a “bathroom at a dive bar.”


Me trying to erase all my mistakes

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Unfazed, she soldiered on, turning her focus on the tile floor. O’Heeron painted it black, then, she tried creating a pattern using white paint and a homemade stencil. To her dismay, she found out she had done it in the wrong order.

“I was supposed to stencil black over white,” she said. “It was so bad, and I had spent like a month hand-painting each of those tiles, trying to fix it and stuff.”


Reply to @jacks_757 it just keeps getting worse

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Her project was supposed to last three days over a weekend back in April. She has since posted over 100 videos detailing her many mishaps and bloopers. TikTok, meanwhile, has been divided. Some begged her to quit already, saying they “now need to go to therapy” after watching her videos. Others encouraged her to keep going.


Y’all I had such high hopes for this bathroom

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O’Heeron eventually explained that her videos were neither a prank nor a social experiment, and that her quirky process is the result of a brain injury she suffered after being hit by a drunk driver. 

“I had severe traumatic brain injury from the accident and a lot of the damage was in my frontal lobe, which has a lot to do with decision making and impulsiveness,” she said. “I impulsively painted my bathroom floor black and knew it was game over from there and no turning back. After that it was just one poor decision after another.”


Getting rid of this green is a journey I was not ready for

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But there’s a happy ending to all of this. After a month of trial-and-error, and after spending $1,000 on the DIY (her original budget was $300), she finally did it. She used pre-patterned tiles on her floor, then repainted the cabinets and the countertop correctly, much to the delight of her followers.

“You did it. Now please never do it again,” one said. Another chimed in, “So proud of you!!! Now step away!!!”


I’m done for the night just thought I’d update

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But step away she will not. For an encore, O’Heeron now plans to renovate her office.