This TikToker Turned a Free Facebook Marketplace Mirror Into the Gilded Piece of Her Dreams

published Feb 27, 2023
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If you’re still not over the gorgeous gilded mirror trend but you’re not exactly working with a Baroque-level budget, no sweat. One TikTok user was able to create a giant gold mirror using budget-friendly buys (and free mirrors she scored on Facebook Marketplace), instantly elevating her space for less than $50 total.

TikToker @nenelux recently shared a video detailing how she took some large rectangular wall mirrors she got on Facebook Marketplace from basic to Baroque. She purchased flexible crown molding from Amazon ($23), making sure to measure it to size. She also bought decorative wood applique onlays from Lowe’s ($10), spray painting everything using Rust-Oleum 7710830 metallic spray paint in gold ($7).

While the crown molding came with an adhesive backing, she used heavy duty double sided tape ($5) to attach the appliques, instantly creating a sophisticated statement piece that looks incredible in her bedroom. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it also cost a fraction of what you’d need to snag certain viral mirrors you can’t stop spotting all over your feeds.

The best part is that recreating @nenelux’s mirror won’t cost you too much in time or energy, provided you have the patience to spray paint and let it sit to fully dry before applying it to your mirror of choice. The end result will be a glam, gilded mirror with intricate detailing and luxe French influence that won’t break the bank.

Naturally, commenters were très impressed with @nenelux’s creation. One person summed it up perfectly, writing: “Thank you so much for this!!!!! I’ve been trying to figure out how to get a baroque style mirror without breaking my pocket!” Proof positive that there are certainly some treasures to be found for free on Facebook Marketplace as long as you have a little time, creativity, and patience to create something unique and beautiful.