This TikTok-Famous Hair Catcher Will Keep Your Shower Walls Pristine

published Dec 19, 2022
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Pretty shower with black tile, white shower curtain pulled aside

Some people turn into Jackson Pollock during shower time using all the hair that ends up on our fingers instead of paint. Though shower wall hair art is definitely sometimes gallery-worthy, more often than not it’s kind of just gross — and this TikTok-famous bathroom accessory may be able to help you shut down your shower gallery space once and for all.

TikTok user Julianna Christensen (@julianna_claire) shared one of her favorite shower accessories in a video. It’s called the Shower Cat, and it’s made specifically to keep hair off your shower walls.

“If you’re sick of seeing hair on your shower walls, grab this gadget that traps all of the hair in one place and easily is removable to clean and reattach,” Christensen says in her voiceover.

When hair inevitably ends up on your hands after a shampoo session, all you have to do is swipe your fingers left through the silicone teeth of the Shower Cat (which attaches to your shower wall) to remove hair. 

Then, when you’re done with your shower, swipe your fingers right through the teeth to dislodge the hair from the Shower Cat and throw it away. Your walls and drains will stay hair-free.

“As a girl with long, thick hair, I pull a crap ton of hair out. When I used to put it on the wall, it would slide down and sometimes I would forget about it and it would end up going down the drain anyway,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “With this, my hair stays all in one place!”

So if you’re sick of the shower wall art, give the Shower Cat a try.